Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

TheraManager has introduced a new innovative and powerful approach to manage the revenue cycle for any practice size and specialty. At the core, we offer a team of industry billing experts coupled with a superior technology that are committed to shorten the billing cycle and improve collections thereby enabling providers to earn more, be reimbursed faster and more efficiently.

Our knowledgeable team will manage the entire process of the revenue cycle including: capturing session information for billing primary and secondary insurances, managing third party claims, handling remittances and payments, generating accurate patient statements, and producing comprehensive, yet meaningful financial reports that you must have to effectively manage your practice. Enroll in our RCM Services and let our experts work for you.

TheraManager RCM Services include nine steps for managing your revenue cycle:
revenue cycle management

Our cutting edge technology coupled with our dedicated billing expert team will enable you to focus on your clinical work while reducing your administrative costs. We will reduce your claim denials and bad date write-off; consequently improving your bottom line.

Other benefits to using our RCM services include; reduced customer support calls, improved workflow, productivity and compliance.

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