Practice Management

TheraManager PM is one of the most comprehensive solutions in the industry. Our user friendly application enables practice administrators and providers to easily manage their entire workflow. TheraManager PM includes the following main features:

  • Patient registration remotely or on site through self check kiosk
  • Scheduler that can manage multi-providers and rooms at the same time.
  • Schedule appointments for one patient with multiple providers.
  • Online eligibility verification.
  • Authorization management.
  • Conversion of appointments to claims.
  • Automatic tracking of insurance billing though the submission and payment stages.
  • Assign multiple insurance plans per each patient.
  • Automatically retrieve CPT and ICD9 code from EMR to scheduler for accurate billing.
  • Document management - scan and link to patient records.
  • Generate customized reports per pre-determined selection.
  • Built-in instant messaging and task assignment between users on any level.
  • Interoperability of patient records across various healthcare platforms via HL7.

Our PM and our EMR share a single database, creating a complete solution that adapts to any workflow. It allows healthcare professionals to easily manage the entire process including: patient registration, scheduling, electronic documentation, billing and reports.