Our Implementation Plan is designed to provide customers with a seamless transition from their current system to the new TheraManager system. Our support staff will carefully assess your specific needs and designed a detailed plan that includes phases for implementation as follow:

1. Customer Profile Analysis - In this phase we will review your administrative and clinical workflows, gather information about your patients, billing profiles, clinicians, current forms (assessments, treatment plans, progress notes, etc.) and prepare a system with your organizational identity.

2. System Installation - Once your system is configured and ready, it will be installed and hosted on the "cloud" or in your designated location. We offer customers with three options for system hosting:

a. TheraManager Cloud Hosting - Where we host the system on a data center and manage all aspects of hosting (backups, accessibility, etc.).

b. Customer Onsite Self Hosting - Where the system is installed on the customer's computer network in their office location.

c. Customer Offsite Self Hosting - Where the system is installed and hosted by the customer's designated data center (a third party location).

Click here to learn more about TheraManager "cloud" hosting services.

3. Training - We understand that you are committed to patient care and we will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule and train you and your staff in the most efficient way. We offer remote (web) training sessions. However, onsite training sessions are also available. Our remote training protocols utilize sophisticated tools that enable us to train you on your own system. We will designate customized training sessions for administrative and clinical staff as their role and responsibilities are unique to their own discipline.

4. Go live - Our dedicated support staff will devote extra time of "hand holding" during the first few weeks as you start using the new TheraManager.