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Happy Holidays 2014 & What to expect in 2015...


Dear Clients & Partners,



We can never say this enough - Thank You for your continued loyalty and support and for allowing us to assist you on your journey of improving people's lives.  We wish you good health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year.  We value our relationship with you more than you know.

We have brought TheraManager to a new level in 2014.  Our product now rivals the largest and most expensive medical EMR's in the country in terms of capabilities and technology.  At the same time, we've held our prices in a range that Behavioral Healthcare practices can still afford.  Thanks to this combination of product advancement and price control, more than 200 additional Behavioral Healthcare clinicians joined the TheraManager family this year.  Even more important to us is that many of these new clients came as referrals from long-time TheraManager practice owners.


Becoming the premier Practice Management / Electronic Medical Records software company for Behavioral Healthcare Practices.... 


Major Accomplishments (2014)

  • more than 50% of our clients are now secure in our HIPAA-Compliant Cloud
  • we completely rewrote our EMR screen in Microsoft's latest technologies
  • we completely replaced our eRx module with the industry leading DrFirst eRx
  • we now have the ability to e-prescribe controlled substances
  • we integrated with the industry-leading Updox Patient Portal / Secure E-Mail
  • we integrated with Topaz Digital Signature Pads
  • we added Revenue Cycle Management / Medical Billing services
  • we brought on a 20+ year Medical Biller to our team
  • we brought on senior Microsoft .net designers and programmers to our team
  • we inked a partnership agreement with a HIPAA-Compliant Tele-Health solution




2014 In Detail...


New Patient Portal / Secure E-Mail System

As mentioned in former newsletters, Patient Engagement is one of the hottest topics in HealthCare today.  New companies are popping up across across the country with interesting and innovative ways to connect healthcare providers with patients.  The most popular method by far is still email.  The issue with regular email accounts (gmail, etc.) is that they are not secure, so you are very limited in what can be communicated.  With our new HIPAA-Compliant Secure E-Mail system (powered by Updox), TheraManager clinicians can now communicate freely with their patients/clients via email.  Protected Health Information (PHI) may be emailed freely.  In addition, you may send your patients/clients forms to fill out and send back to you.  We'll be implementing more and more features as we go; we are big fans of increasing Patient Engagement.  Our Secure E-Mail system also meets the new US Government "Direct Messaging" standards, so you may also email PHI to clinicians in other practices that have secure email systems.



New EMR Screen

We've officially launched our new EMR screen.  Our development team wrote the new screen in Microsoft's .net technology, so it has an easy-to-use graphical user interface and it's easy for us to maintain.  The two most important new features are 1) the ability to turn any Microsoft Word document into an EMR template and 2) the integration of Digital Signature Pads.  The ability to convert MS Word documents into EMR templates expands the uses of our EMR to include any Patient/Client paperwork - treatment plans, progress notes, confidentiality agreements, etc.  The integration of Digital Signature Pads is a huge time-saver for Practices that run government programs and require Client/Patient/Guardian signatures.  Imagine avoiding the tedium and potential errors in 1) Printing the document; 2) Having all parties sign the document; 3) Scanning the signed document; 4) Inserting the document into TheraManager.  Instead, simply direct each party to sign on the pad, and watch the corresponding signature appear simultaneously onscreen.  Presto, you're done!"


To date, we've deployed our new EMR screen in all new 2014 clients and with long-time TheraManager clients that had not yet started using EMR functionality.  We're currently developing an upgrade strategy for the thousands of TheraManager users around the country that heavily use the original EMR screen.  Please note that the original screen will continue to be supported, so although this is a free upgrade covered by your maintenance, it is not a mandatory upgrade.  The new EMR screen looks and feels very different, so for those practices that have developed custom templates and forms over the years and are quite happy with the current screen, we will work with you to consider

which screen best meets your particular needs.  More to follow...   



Protected Health Information (PHI)

Along with Patient Engagement, PHI is one of the hottest topics in Health Care.  One of our long-time TheraManager Practice owners invited us to co-present with him on this topic at the recent Texas Psychological Association trade show. 


To summarize what you need to know in two points:


   a) Completely remove PHI from your practice.  Shred the papers.  Purge the memory

sticks, computer hard drives, and tape backups.  Have your employees sign papers

confirming that they have done the same with anything they may have ever taken

home.  Get rid of it all and document that you got rid of it all.


   b) Where should it go?  A HIPAA-Compliant Cloud.  Not just a cloud  --> a HIPAA-

Compliant Cloud.  What's the difference?  HIPAA-Compliant data centers meet incredible standards around data encryption, fire, flood, and theft protection, data backups and redundancy, etc.  See our past newsletters detailing more specific answers to this question or contact us for a quick discussion.


We searched the major US DataCenters in 2013 to ensure that TheraManager clients were in the safest possible environment.  We took the decision to substantially increase our costs so that you and we could have peace of mind.  The single largest reason it's important for you to be in a HIPAA-Compliant cloud is to de-risk your practice.  In the event your practice ever undergoes a government audit, you'll want to be able to show the auditors that your PHI is safely in a HIPAA-Compliant encrypted communications cloud.  You will not want to be in the position to say that 'my nephew setup our office server and he knows all about computers.' :) 




When we attended the 2014 American Psychiatric Association tradeshow, the most frequent question, by far, asked by the scores of Psychiatrists that visited our booth was 'does your software allow me to e-prescribe controlled substances?'  Paper scripts are apparently going the way of 8-Track tapes and VCR's.  Almost every state in the US now allows eRx for Schedule II - V drugs and effective March 27, 2015, in NY, it will become illegal to write paper scripts any more.  Why this rapid and widespread change? Two main reasons - improving accuracy and decreasing fraudulent Rx's.


It took a lot of work, but TheraManager is now certified with DrFirst and Surescripts, so that our prescribers may send Controlled Substance scripts electronically to pharmacies. At the upcoming 2015 APA Tradeshow, our answer will now be a resounding 'yes, of course', when we are asked the same question as last year:)


If you'd like to see the e-prescribing rules in your state, just review this link:


DrFirst Map of the US for eRx of Controlled Substances






Come Meet Us in Person...

April 12th - 16th          HIMSS 2015                                             Chicago, IL



May 16th - 20th           American Psychiatric Association            Toronto, ON





Coming in 2015



 As of now, this is coming effective October 1, 2015.  Lots of info to follow.



While some of you are already using DSM-5, widespread adoption is planned

to coincide with ICD-10.  Again, lots of info to follow.


New Patient Billing Statement 

We've been working with a consortium of long-time TheraManager clients on a redesigned patient billing statement.  This will be released in early 2015.



We've been working on a Practice Dashboard and Analytical Tools. 

We had so much to release this year, that we could not include this in the mix. 

We think you will love these new features.  Coming live in 2015!!

Client Referral Program

You've been sending us more and more, and we really appreciate it.  Every time we receive a call from a Practice Owner that tells us one of our existing Practice Owners referred them, it sends us the clear message that our hard work was not overlooked. Thank you and please keep them comin'...

 Our referral program is very simple... 


Step 1: Refer a new Practice to TheraManager

Step 2: If the Practice signs up, then your Practice receives 3 free months of

            either Cloud Hosting or Patient Portal usage for the same number of clinicians

          Example 1: A solo-clinician Practice refers in another solo-clinician Practice

       --> The referring Practice receives 3 free months of Cloud Hosting or Patient


      Example 2: A solo-clinician Practice refers in a 5-clinician Practice

       --> The referring Practice receives 15 free mos. of Cloud Hosting or Patient Portal

      Example 3: A 3 clinician Practice refers in a solo-clinician Practice

       -->  The referring Practice receives 1 free month of Cloud Hosting or Patient



To Lighten Your Day


A man was walking in the street one day when he was brutally beaten and robbed.

As he lay unconscious and bleeding, a psychologist, who happened to be passing by, rushed up to him and exclaimed,

"My God! Whoever did this really needs help!"


     - Neel Burton, M.D. in Hide and Seek




We remain humbly at your service and grateful to be a part of Improving Patient Care through enabling Providers with Advanced IT Solutions.  Please do not hesitate to call me directly at any time if there is anything we can do to increase the value we provide to your Practice.





Russell Rothchild


TheraManager, LLC

E-Mail: rrothchild@theramanager.com

Mobile: (917) 282-8463



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