Program Version 11.1 build 12/16/2013                          Administrator screen login required? Yes



Cloud Users:  As always, you need not take any action; we will apply the updates for you.


Non Cloud Users:  Please remember to update all computers where TheraManager is installed. This includes any customers who received a beta release. As this release includes a database update, please only apply the update after business hours and NEVER stop an update once it has begun, no matter how long it takes.



Printing DaySheets from a Remote Server

Printing DaySheets from Remote servers had been reported as slow in certain cases.  This delay has been resolved.



“Grab a penny take a penny”

This issue would manifest itself when a private-paying patient was charged a sliding-scale fee, the ratio of which to the regular charge, consists of a repeating decimal (e.g., $120 sliding fee divided by $180 regular charge = 0.333 ...). Even though the charge would appear as a whole number on the Accounts | Patient’s Bills screen, TheraManager would record the sliding-scale fee a fraction of a cent off the whole number; repeated such charges would lead to a balance a cent off the true balance. Even for a single sliding-scale charge, the Outstanding Balances – Patient Bills report (“aging report”) would register a fractional $0.00 balance (instead of not appearing at all). With this release, TheraManager correctly rounds both going-forward and previous sliding-fee charges.


Note: If you had manually adjusted the patient balances to compensate for this issue (either by entering a debit or credit, or by entering a patient payment a penny above or below the true payment), you should remove these adjustments. You can verify the correctness of your accounts by running the aging report on the Reports screen.



Followup Report

On the Reports screen, General Reports dropdown, we have added report 807 – “Followups”. This report lists all patients marked for a followup within any Notelet.


(The ability to mark an appointment for a followup (e.g., lab tests, depression inventory) has been a long-standing but underpublicized feature of TheraManager.)










The line breaks within the memo

field (annotation) of a form were

maintained within the note. Consequently,

the content of the annotation looked

something like this.

This issue has been resolved. The annotation extends across the full width of the note, like this.



Insurance Payments

·         Historically, TheraManager could not handle a $0 record in an incoming ERA file.  This issue has been resolved.

·         You can change the record status of any CPT record on the Payments | Insurance screen

·         Within an ERA payment, when multiple possible matches exist for a CPT record, you can select the reimbursement for the desired CPT record

·         Several other ERA file processing improvements have been implemented