December 26, 2013





Happy Holidays 2013  &  What to expect in 2014...


Dear Clients & Partners,


First & foremost, we would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for your continued loyalty and support and to wish you good health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year. We value our relationship with you and we hope that you see us as an extension of your Practice.


As you know, 2013 brought significant challenges to the Behavioral Health industry with the first significant coding change in decades.  We received helpful information in advance on these changes from many of you and we combined your input with formal industry websites to develop step-by-step processes for all TheraManager users to follow.  I think this was a great success and is indeed the model we continued following in our recent emails on PQRS.  We will follow this model into 2014 with the new industry challenges that are upon us (detailed below). 

Just to recap some other important TheraManager developments from 2013:

1.  Release Notes now accompany each new release, with a clear list of updates

2.  Releases get thoroughly tested in advance, both internally and by beta-testing clients

3.  We now run through a comprehensive training checklist with all new clients

4.  We moved the TheraManager Cloud into a HIPAA-specialized secure data center

5.  More than 40% of TheraManager clients nationwide have migrated to our Cloud

     and no longer need to manage IT, data security, program updates, backups, etc. 

6.  We've developed support specialists within our team, leading to faster resolutions

     Randy  - General Product Training & Support

     Lorin   - PQRS; Meaningful Use; Patient Portal; Non-Cloud (Office) Installs

     Boris   - Programming Updates; Database-Related Matters

     Russ    - Cloud Conversions & Access; Printers; Client Contracts; Support Escalations

     Ashish - Accounting & Finance

 7.Thanks to the above steps, we've experienced a significant reduction in support calls 

 8. Introduction of the TheraManager Client Referral Program (detailed below)




What to expect in 2014?

  • Introduction of a new Best-In-Breed Patient Portal for the TheraManager Cloud
    • Patients will be able to complete & upload registration forms on-line
    • Secure transmission of emails, records, and custom forms to Patients
    • Secure receipt of Patient emails, completed forms, eRx refill requests, etc.
    • Secure transmission of Patient records to/from other HealthCare Providers  
  • ICD-10
    • Lots of emails & details in the New Year
  • DSM5
    • Lots of emails & details in the New Year
  • eRx Updates (mandatory) from Surescripts
    • These are already underway and will be completed in 2014
  • PQRS Updates
    • We met all 2013 requirements; Updates will be applied for 2014
  • Meaningful Use - Stage 2
    • We will upgrade our Stage 1 Certificate for Stage 2 in 2014





Client Referral Program


There is no greater compliment than a referral!  


Step 1: Refer a new Practice to TheraManager

Step 2: If the Practice signs up, then your Practice receives 3 free months of either Cloud Hosting or Patient Portal usage for the same number of clinicians

          Example 1: A solo-clinician Practice refers in another solo-clinician Practice

       -->The referring Practice receives 3 free months of Cloud Hosting or Patient Portal

      Example 2: A solo-clinician Practice refers in a 5-clinician Practice

       -->The referring Practice receives 15 free mos. of Cloud Hosting or Patient Portal

      Example 3: A 3 clinician Practice refers in a solo-clinician Practice

       -->  The referring Practice receives 1 free month of Cloud Hosting or Patient Portal



Come Meet Us in Person in 2014...



Feb 23rd - 27th       HIMSS 2014                                                Orlando, FL



May 3rd - 7th           American Psychiatric Association            New York, NY



Aug 7th - 10th         American Psychological Association        Washington, DC





A Bit of Humor to Lighten Your Day


 Neel Burton, M.D.Hide and Seek



Two psychotherapists pass each other in the hallway. The first says to the second, "Hello!"

The second smiles back nervously and half nods his head. When he is comfortably out of earshot, he mumbles, "God, I wonder what *that* was all about?"




We remain humbly at your service and grateful to be a part of Improving Patient Care through enabling Providers with Advanced IT Solutions.  Please do not hesitate to call me directly at any time if there is anything we can do to increase the value we provide to your Practice.





Russell Rothchild


TheraManager, LLC

E-Mail: rrothchild@theramanager.com

Mobile: (917) 282-8463




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