TheraManager Software Update

Release Date: 8/16/2013



Modifications to Software



1. EMR Note Printing - Header/Footer Change

. Users may continue to select either "Header & Footer" or just "Footer" printing for EMR Notes

. EMR Note Footers now contain Patient Info, Practice Name, Page Numbering, and "Protected Heath Info" on every page


2. Printing of Lab Requests

From time to time, TheraManager would stop responding upon the user attempting to print a lab request (Lab Tests | Requests).

This issue has been resolved.



3. Entry of Insurance Payments

. The default sorts of patient name and DOS - consistent with insurance EOBs - has been restored

. You can now group, sort and filter column headers

. The CPT record status automatically advances and refreshes in this screen

. The sporadic error message, appearing when entering a payment, should no longer appear

. One remaining item for next release - upon entry of an insurance payment, the 1st row of remaining visits is highlighted instead of the visit immediately beneath.



4. Expansion of General Report #23

Report #23 has been expanded into an all-encompassing financial report per date of service.

For each office visit, Practices can now see:

. total charges & total allowed by insurance

. total A/R from insurance & total received by insurance

. total A/R from patient & total received from patient

. patient name & dob

. is patient flagged in Collections?

. etc., etc.



5. Database Maintenance

Some internal database maintenance routines have been updated.