TheraManager – Software Update

Version 11.1

Release Date:  July 12, 2013


Modifications to the Software


This update to TheraManager includes a database update.  You must perform an Admin login after the update has been installed.  As database updates can vary in time depending upon the size of your database, please run the installation after business hours.  Cloud Users will be automatically updated this weekend.


1.   New Productivity Reports 

On the Reports screen, two new reports have been added to the General 
Reports dropdown. "Appointments Per Week Per Clinician Per CPT" (#128) and "Appointments Per Month Per Clinician Per CPT" (#129) consist of a chart of each clinician's patient appointments for each week or month within the desired date range:

·        Number of sessions

·        Cumulative minutes

·        Breakdown of visits by CPT code

While you can also access this information on the 'Appt List' tab on the Appointments screen, and while we also have significantly improved the speed at which you can group and filter on this tab, for large data sets these reports will get you what you're looking for even faster. 
Click here for details.


2.   EMR Note Printing - Option to print name of practice and clinician

We have added the option of selecting whether or not the practice name and clinician appear at the top of the first page of a printed clinical note. We have added this option in the USER SETTINGS box (Tools > User Settings. Note that by default this setting is enabled). This should satisfy both those users who preferred to have these appear atop the note as before and those users (particularly in larger practices) who prefer not having any clinician appear.

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3.   eRx - Locking of Dose, Form, and Route Fields when generating e-prescriptions

When selecting a medication from FDB Index, the above fields should not be editable:

·        For any medication selected from the FDB index, these fields are locked − and will remain locked if you repeat the prescription

·        For any FDB medication selected from the Custom index where the Dose value differs from that for the corresponding MedID number, the MedID is removed

·        For any repeated prescription where the Dose value differs from that for the corresponding MedID number, the MedID is removed



4.   New Report - Transaction Details 

We have added a new transaction report (General Report 34) providing additional details of accounting transactions over a specified date range. The default date range is the current calendar year.

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5.   Column filters and sorting working on Payments | Insurance screen

On the Payments | Insurance screen, the ability to filter and sort columns has been restored.


6.   Auto-switching to Correct Rendering Clinician 

Many of you had seen the message ‘The Patients could not be located’ message when selecting an appointment booked to a clinician other than that appearing in the Clinicians titlebox. We have restored the auto-switching from the 'Selected Clinician' view ('Find All' icon unclicked) to 'All Clinician' view ('Find All' icon clicked) when an appointment for a patient not assigned to the current clinician is selected. In other words, now when you click any patient appointment in the Appointment grid, the rendering clinician and the 
patient appear in their respective titleboxes. 

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