TheraManager – Software Update

Version 11.1

Release Date:  Feb. 28, 2013



Patient Portal

As promised, we are currently in the process of rolling out our TheraManager Patient Portal.  Throughout the medical community, Patient Portals are being viewed as a way to significantly improve communications with patients.  If you are interested in trying out the Portal, we suggest you take a one-month free trial with a few patients.  Please contact Lorin Miller ( for installation and training details.


Modifications to the Software

Please Note:   Due to the size of this update, the admin login will take longer than most other updates; for group practices, it is strongly recommended to do the update, including admin login, after hours.


  1. Formatting on Group Appointment Notes

When recording an EMR note for a patient within a Group appointment, you can copy the same note to all other members of the group (see a Note - Group Session.pdf as needed).  In the past, the note content would copy, but not the formatting.  Now, the graphical formatting will copy, for either RVF or RTF templates.


  1. Auto-Step

Several error messages were appearing when the Auto-Step option was checked on the Post Appointment screen.  These have been rectified.


  1. Multiple CPT Codes

When booking multiple CPT codes, the CPT code would repeat itself in the ENCOUNTER FORM.  This has been rectified.


  1. Reselecting CPT Codes

Upon reselecting a CPT code while posting an appointment for multiple CPTs, several error messages would appear.  This has been rectified.


  1. Group Appointments in Appt List View

To see the patients booked in a group appointment, you may now go to the Appointments Screen / “Appt List view” / with the Patients tab selected.  The patient names will show in the Patient column.


  1. CARD Payments

Sometimes, when posting an appointment, entering a payment and selecting CARD, the active button is Reset (With Patient Paid, focus is on Submit) causing some users to prematurely stop the posting.  This has been rectified.