TheraManager Software Update

Version 11.1

Release Date: 1/18/2013



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Modifications to the Software


1.      When booking multiple CPT Codes, a duplicate encounter form was being generated. This issue has been resolved.


2.      Booked appointments involving multiple CPT Codes were not picking up Diagnosis codes when posting. This issue has been resolved.


3.      When posting an appointment having multiple CPT codes, after entering a payment in the Post Appointment form, then clicking 'Done & Patt', the payment wasn't generated. This has been resolved.


4.      Within the Appointment grid, upon right-clicking and selecting 'Post Supplies', the full Post Appointment form (i.e., the form appropriate for treatment codes) incorrectly appeared. With this version, the proper Post Appointment form (i.e., supply items) appears.


5.      While processing an electronic ERA, if you wanted to delete the first record, the user would right click and select "remove ERA record". An error would return saying "cannot Modify a read-only dataset." This issue has been resolved.


6.      "QueryMaster ..." error -- appearing for selected customers upon posting the appointment. This issue has been resolved.


7.      Issue Summary - Upon attempting to generate - or regenerate claims, the error message: "Error reading ppreportHCFA.LanguageID: Property LanguageID does not exist" would occasionally appear. This issue has been resolved.


8.      Missing description when posting multiple CPTs -- -- When posting an appointment having multiple CPT codes, for the initial CPT code posted, the Description field was blank for both the CPT record and the corresponding transaction appearing on the patient bill and the Transactions screen. This has been resolved so that descriptions properly appear for all CPTs.


9.      Binocular icon for diagnoses -- The binocular icon on the Dx/Problems screen was not functioning properly. With this version, upon clicking the binocular icon, any Inactive, Resolved or Ruled Out diagnoses appear for the selected patient.