TheraManager LLC Announcement


New Procedures for TheraManager Product Releases


Dear Clients & Partners,

I would like to introduce everyone to Lorin Miller, our Director of Product Development.  Lorin is an industry veteran, working in Health IT for over 20 years.  Lorin has drafted the below email regarding our new TheraManager Product Release procedures.



Russell Rothchild


TheraManager, LLC



To TheraManager Customers,


Thank you all for the opportunity to present myself to you.


As Russ Rothchild mentioned in his introduction, I bring many years of development and Healthcare software experience to the TheraManager team.  After delivering products for Wall St. and the Robotics industry, I started in the Healthcare industry creating and selling a Practice Management system of my own.  I then began working for "the Medical Manager" company and brought my customers with me.  I spent 14 years with Medical Manager, seeing them through the acquisition by WebMD.  I then worked for a Medical Data Analytics company in the Community Health space for 5 more years before joining the TheraManager team.


Here at TheraManager, I have introduced a new development paradigm which will bring you regularly scheduled releases of the product.  We are keeping a comprehensive list of issues, compliance changes and product enhancements which will be the basis of these releases.  As such, if you have suggestions that should be on this list, please do not hesitate to send them to me at my email address below.


For those customers on your own systems; I will be sending an email to everyone as these software updates are made available.  This email will contain "Release Notes" which describe the changes that have been included in the software update.  By reviewing these notes, you can determine whether you should take the time to update your systems.  Please note that this decision must be made on a practice-wide basis as all systems in the practice MUST be kept at the same upgrade level.


For those customers on the TheraManager "cloud", a similar email will be sent out to describe the changes that will be made for each of you.


I am happy to announce the first of these software releases is available now for system updates.  The "cloud" systems are in the process of being updated.  Please read through the "Release Notes" below.


It is my hope that all of you look forward to these regular updates and that you all will work with me to create a stronger, more practice efficient TheraManager product.


Regards for health and prosperity,


Lorin Miller

Director of Product Development

TheraManager, LLC

1 Gateway Center., Suite 770

Newark, New Jersey 07102

(908) 508-8900





TheraManager - Software Update

Version 11.1

Release Date: 10/1/2012



Modifications to Software


  • Addition of "Reason for Visit" option within CPT Codes

Some practices know the CPT Codes for patient visits in advance. In these cases, the CPT Code may be entered into TheraManager at the time of booking the appointment. In other cases, you may only know the patient's stated symptom or "Reason for Visit". If you like, on the usual CPT Code maintenance screen, you may now create a new class of CPT Codes, each starting with a space " ". We call this group of codes "Reason for Visit" and they will appear at the top of the list on the Booking Screen. The user may optionally select a "Reason for Visit" at the time of booking and this will later be auto-replaced with the CPT Code after the patient has seen their clinician.


  • "CPT Code" / "Reason for Visit" made optional at time of booking

CPT Code or "Reason for Visit" may or may not be entered when booking an appointment.


  • Performance Improved on Posting Form

System Performance has been substantially improved when booking and posting appointments, especially on large databases. In particular, the posting screen appears much faster.


  • Earnings by CPT Code: 'Paid Date' and 'Patient' columns blank

On the "Checking" screen, "Earnings by CPT Code" tab, the "Paid Date" and "Patient" columns used to appear blank. Now the data should be visible.


  • Tools -> Email hyperlink Inactive (New active link is Help->Support->Email)

The link for email support has been moved to the following menu - "Help" / "Support" / "E-Mail".


  • Fixed Warning Beep on User Settings

Under the menu "Tools" / "User Settings", in the "Feature Customization" area of the screen, users may now enable "beeping" as an alert mechanism.


  • References to "Charge" changed to "Patient Charge".

On the "Accounts" screen, the generic term "Charge" has been changed to "Patient Charge".

TheraManager LLC

1 Gateway Center, Suite 770

Newark, New Jersey 07102