TheraManager – Software Update

Version 11.1

Release Date:  10/1/2012



Modifications to Software



1.      Addition of “Reason for Visit” option within CPT Codes

Some practices know the CPT Codes for patient visits in advance.  In these cases, the CPT Code may be entered into TheraManager at the time of booking the appointment.  In other cases, you may only know the patient’s stated symptom or “Reason for Visit”.  If you like, on the usual CPT Code maintenance screen, you may now create a new class of CPT Codes, each starting with a space “ “.  We call this group of codes “Reason for Visit” and they will appear at the top of the list on the Booking Screen.  The user may optionally select a “Reason for Visit” at the time of booking and this will later be auto-replaced with the CPT Code after the patient has seen their clinician.



2.      “CPT Code” / “Reason for Visit” made optional at time of booking

CPT Code or “Reason for Visit” may or may not be entered when booking an appointment.



3.    Performance Improved on Posting Form

System Performance has been substantially improved when booking and posting appointments, especially on large databases.  In particular, the posting screen appears much faster.



4.      Earnings by CPT Code: 'Paid Date' and 'Patient' columns blank

On the “Checking” screen, “Earnings by CPT Code” tab, the “Paid Date” and “Patient” columns used to appear blank.  Now the data should be visible.



5.      Tools -> Email hyperlink Inactive (New active link is Help->Support->Email)

The link for email support has been moved to the following menu – “Help” / “Support” / “E-Mail”.



6.      Fixed Warning Beep on User Settings

Under the menu “Tools” / “User Settings”, in the “Feature Customization” area of the screen, users may now enable “beeping” as an alert mechanism.



7.      References to "Charge" changed to "Patient Charge”.

On the “Accounts” screen, the generic term “Charge” has been changed to "Patient Charge”.