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Dear Clients & Partners,

Since acquiring TheraManager from Dr. Tompsett six months ago, I've had the pleasure of speaking with many of you. With such a large user community, it's taking longer than anticipated, but my goal is to get to know each of you personally and to see how our company may optimally serve your practice.

For those of you who I have not spoken with yet:

As a brief introduction, my name is Russell Rothchild and I am the new CEO of TheraManager, LLC. From a high level, I have 20+ years of experience in the analysis, design, programming, testing, and supporting of custom software applications. I've owned and operated several companies in the US and abroad.

 My sincere apologies for the delay in commencing these community-wide emails the past few months while we were setting up a good deal of our infrastructure. Going forward, we plan to send out at least one newsletter per month.

While our goal is to copy all clients and partners on these emails, inevitably someone will have been left off or will have changed addresses, so if you do not receive this communication, please let us knowJ Ok, perhaps instead of that approach, we'll confirm with everyone who calls the office that they are receiving these notes. We'll also post them on our website.

What to expect in the near future

  • World-class support

We are in the market to hire another full-time systems support engineer. We are looking ideally for candidates that are used to supporting and training users on software; if possible, practice management and EMR software. If you have any candidates to recommend, please do not hesitate to email us.


We will soon be implementing an issue tracking system. Each user will receive a ticket number when reporting an issue and we'll be reviewing the log of open issues every morning.


  • New Services

We have already begun providing medical billing (revenue cycle management) services. Beginning soon, we will also begin offering management consulting services. We will send out specific updates on each of these new offerings.


  • Nationwide Expansion

We will begin an aggressive sales and marketing campaign in the near future. If you are already delighted with TheraManager, please tell all of your clinician friends and colleagues about us. If for any reason you are not yet delighted with TheraManager, please call me to discuss any issues and help us achieve this goal. My contact details are below. Our sincere goal is to maintain and grow a company where 100% of you would be happy to tell anyone that your practice runs smoother and more efficiently with TheraManager, and that as a result, we have enabled you to focus more attention on patient care.




Russell Rothchild


TheraManager, LLC


Mobile: (917) 282-8463



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