Happy New Year January 2012
New Ownership for the New Year
  • The big news here at TheraManager is that the company has been taken over by a partnership of experienced IT professionals, of whom Russ Rothchild is the managing partner. Russ brings many years of software development experience and owned his own IT company before branching out into Mergers & Acquisitions 5 years ago. The name of the operating company will continue to be TheraManager LLC and will continue to sell, support and develop TheraManager, and the certified product registered as MaestroMed. The staff, have been augmented with some additional experienced people, including a new Director of Product Development, Lorin Miller (lmiller@theramanager.com), and a new Vice President of Sales, Jacob Shemesh (jshemesh@theramanager.com).
    Make Money with MaestroMed for Electronic Prescribers
  • Our ONC certified version of TheraManager is currently registered as MaestroMed on the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) with a CMS Certification ID of 30000002HTQGEA2. This can qualify you for Meaningful Use and government funding for your practice. It is not too late to start and you may avoid penalties in future.
    Cloud Hosting
  • For many years we have provided you with an option for self-hosting your database on your server, and remoting to it over the internet. This will continue, but we are now offering a care-free cloud-based option where your database is securely hosted by us with continuous backup and updates by us. You can login and run the program from any computer, Tablet, iPad and Smart Phone anywhere with an internet connection, and the refresh rate of the screens will be much faster than if you self-host. It is available for a monthly charge that is very small, if you have already purchased the program and support.
  • The makeover of our products has been completed with a lot of additional tweaks. It looks great particularly on the wide 16:9 screens that have now become the norm. If you have problems with the display, it may be caused by your display settings being inappropriate, and we can help you with that.
    Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substancess (EPCS)
  • EPCS is finally going to become a reality in March. We are working with our NewCropRX Partner and Surescripts to verify the capability. We will let you know the details of signing up for this as they become clear to us.
    Customizable Templates and Forms
  • Many of you have already converted your own templates to .RTF files for use in the EMR. Some of you have also made templates with checkboxes, drop-down lists, and smart-labels using our Template Designer that converts the templates to the required format for use directly in the EMR. If you want to do this yourself there are some new help-notes to help you (keyword "templates"). However for a nominal fee we can also convert your own checkbox templates (Either in WORD or hand-drawn) or those required for submission to state agencies etc) for you. If you want a complete set of professional checkbox templates for mental health or any other specialty eg family medicine etc, we can also provide those for you. You can also convert those checkbox labels using our Form Designer to create a checkbox form and the corresponding prose note capability in the EMR, or we can do it for you.
    5010 EDI Standard for Electronic Billing Submissions and Receipts
  • You should all have converted to using the 5010 standard for creating your EDI files, by selecting 5010 as your version type at the admin | Electronic Setup Screen. If not, you should do so and verify that your receivers have too.
    Credit Cards
  • As you know the program has a credit card capability built in. It was a struggle but this now also works with cloud hosting.

  • For a trial go to our website at www.theramanager.com
  • If you need help that's not in one of the nearly 1000 Help Notes, or have questions or suggestions please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.