What’s New July 2011
ONC Certification
  • We can now provide you with the new certified product MaestroMed (based on TheraManager). It is now on the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) with a CMS Certification ID of 30000002HTQGEA2, which you can browse to by searching with "chpl certification". Please contact customer service to use this version. For meaningful use and/or the Medicare bonus without the penalty in 2012, you must sign up for electronic prescribing.
  • We have given the program a complete make-over. This has involved a lot of work redesigning and reformatting all the screens for a higher resolution. Most importantly, we have added a new sizer. This solves the problems with the now common wide-screen formats. It also allows repeated resizing of the screen. Our new look and color are those of MS OFFICE11. There are still one or two areas where the changes are not yet complete (eg the admin Screen). We hope you like the changes but please let us have your comments and tell us about any errors that you find.
    Electronic Claims and the "5010" deadline
  • We have made the changes for the new 5010 EDI standard that is required to submit claims in 2012. Although all clearing houses are supposed to be accepting claims in this new format now, we have included a Version Type Dropdown at the admin | Electronic Setup Screen. You should set this to 5010 asap and let us know if you have any issues with your EDI submissions. (If you do not have a support contract, you will shortly not be able to make electronic submissions.)
  • Following my warning last year, we are no longer supporting Print-Image format and will remove that feature from the program. CMS are moving to electronic only and we expect the rest of the industry to follow. Be warned.
  • We have had to argue with a clearing house recently as to what amounts should be submitted on secondary insurance claims. To keep everybody happy, we have added an option with a checkbox on the admin | Electronic Screen for Secondary Claim Total w/o Primary Adjustments.
    Using EMR
  • Some of you are making fantastic use of our forms, and templates etc to create your notes and treatment plans with lightning speed, but many of you are not. If you are registered for EMR and mystified as to how to use it, or how to make forms or templates with our Form and Template Designers, please check the Help Notes or give us a call. If you are not registered for EMR and would like to try it, and all our new EMR features please give us a call.
    Electronic Prescribing
  • This version fixes up an issue with indications of errors on renewals. We apologize to the small number of users who had the problem. It arose from a change in the interface introduced by our partner, following a change by Surescripts. We have also added a menu item to remove these error indications in a single click. Please call for details.
  • Mail order prescriptions for Medco and Express Scripts can now be prescribed from our screen, but eRx for other mail order pharmacies require you to use the web-screens by clicking the e-Open Button.
  • Writing scripts from a computer without our program on it, or from a smart phone, when you are away from the office, can be done by browsing to www.theramanager.com clicking on E-Prescribe Login and entering your Database Security Key seen in the About Box. As far as we know this feature is now turned on for everybody with eRx. Please let us know if it doesn't work for you.
    Patient Educational Materials
  • At the Patient | Other Screen you can now select and print educational materials for your patients, and have that recorded, just as for the medication leaflets. You can store copies of these materials in the Education Folder, or by selecting a patient diagnosis, the program will access materials corresponding to that diagnosis from the National Library of Medicine.
  • There has been some confusion about temporarily hiding or accidentally permanently closing the Popup Notelet using the "X"Button. We have removed the "X" Button so that if you do not want the Notelet to popup automatically, there is now a right-click Close PERMANENTLY menu item. The size and position of the notelet are remembered each time that you click the Autohide Button.
  • Eligibility Request has been a well hidden secret in the program. We have moved it to the Booking/Posting Screens. It works with GatewayEDI
  • The program has always printed Appointment Cards and Address labels on an inexpensive little Dymo printer. However the software did not support the newer printers. This has been fixed in the new update and will support any printer. However you must now select your label printer at the Tools | User Settings on the system menu.
  • If you are fed up with stuffing and stamping envelopes for Patient Bills, we have a new feature that allows the electronic export of patient bills to GatewayEDI clearing house, who can print, stuff and bulk mail them for about the cost of a stamp. Please call for more info.
  • The program can now print any one of several Release Forms that are correctly filled-in automatically.
  • We have developed a new feature that allows you to download and print a patient information sheet from the National Library of Medicine for specific diagnoses. The feature will be added to the Patient | Other Screen in the next few days.
    Cloud-based Options
  • We are now beta-testing our new Patient Portal hosted in the cloud, which will provide Appointment Scheduling, Forms, Demographics, Accounts, Lab-test results, Medical Records etc all with secure login for patients from their browsers. Please contact us for more information.
  • We are also beta-testing our cloud-based program, which has all the advantages of client-server operation, without the need to worry about a server and backup, and none of the disadvatages of a web-based program. Please let us know if you are interested in this option.
    Touch Tablets
  • The last newsletter identified ways of connecting an iPad with TheraManager running on a Windows machine, for those of you who want to use this combination with your EMR. The program runs on TabletPCs and you can store handwritten journal notes in the database. For a longtime, we have believed that light-weight touch screen devices would become popular for use in this way, so we are happy to learn that the new Windows TouchTablets for use with Windows 8 expected later this year, will have a full touch-screen capability. Our program will run these so hang-in .
    Help Notes
  • We are approaching 1000 help notes so please make use of them. We receive a number of support calls for "Failed Login". If you receive this message then please enter "failed" or "3111" into the Help Note | Search Box and follow the note to identify the problem on your network before calling us.
    Special Deal
  • We are offering a FREE EMR (with conditions and limitations of course) for each new medical specialty that uses MaestroMed so that we can help each other with the customization for your specialty. Give us a call
  • For a trial go to our website at www.theramanager.com
  • If you need help that's not in one of the nearly 1000 Help Notes, or have questions or suggestions please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.