What’s New May 2011
  • We passed our exam for ONC-ATCB 2011-2012 Complete EHR Ambulatory Certification by Drummond. As part of the process we have named the certified product MaestroMed to match our logo, and how well all our features play together. It should show up on the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) shortly, where you can obtain the certification number. MaestroMed must include all the certified features so it can only be sold as an integrated program including eRx. Significant new features some of which were described in the last newsletter, that have been added to make the program usable for all specialties and for Complete Certification, include:
    • Revised Diagnosis/Problem List Screen
    • EMR | Vital Signs Screen
    • EMR | Mapped Screen allows for notes associated with specific location tags on the body
    • EMR | Notes Screen now supports interoperability with the import and export of patient clinical records, and the export of Public Health Information.
    • EMR | Behaviors Screen records Smoking, Drug and Alcohol behaviors.
    • Lab Tests Screen allows Importing Lab Test HL7 files and parses them into both in Human Readable form and structured data form.
    • Lab Tests | Vaccinations Screen for recording vaccinations.
    • Lab Tests Screen also displays Outcomes correlating specific test results with medications over a period of time
    • Patients | Other Screen now accommodates Educational Materials and Out-Referral Information
    • Transactions | List Designer has a SQL compiler that allows you to generate customized patient lists based on clinical and demographic data including one or more of the following parameters, diagnosis code/s, medication/s, lab test values, sex, age, allergy/s and scores on one or more forms.
    • Transaction | Reminders uses the SQLs from the List Designer to create Reminder Lists. The reminders can be checked and delivered using any of the modalities available in the program. My personal recommendation would be to use text messaging.
    • Transactions | CQMS displays and calculates all the Meaningful Use Measures, the Clinical Quality Measures and the Provider Quality Reporting System ratios. For these to useful you must have purchased, registered and used the MaestroMed program during the required period.
    • Transactions | Logs Screen displays changes to 6 tables/screens and access to patients' clinical records screens.
    Some of these features require a little polishing and Help Notes are being generated for them.
  • At present you can see all the new features in TheraManager, but TheraManager will shortly be renamed to MaestroPsych and become exclusively a behavioral health program. It will not include most of the features outlined above,
  • I hope to see some of you at the APA Meeting in Hawaii next week.
    Repeated Warning
  • If your program gives you a message about your program or database needing to be updated, PLEASE HEED IT. Also please make sure that the red In Network/Use Allowed Checkbox on the Organization Screen is correctly checked for all clinicians with all Insurance Organizations or your write-offs/balance billing will be incorrect.
    iPads and Tablets
  • We continue to be asked about iPads. We have seen 2 remoting products that allow you to remote to TheraManager running either on a PC or a MAC from your iPad. One is Parallels Mobile that may come free with Parallels, and the other is iteleportmobile for about $25. There are also remote desktop applications that run on the ipad that you can find by searching for "ipad rdp".
    However don't ignore Windows Tablets. Our checkbox forms are great using any tablet when facing the patient, and our database stores Windows Journal Handwriting.
    Special Deal
  • We are offering a FREE program for each new medical specialty that uses MaestroMed and helps us with the customization for that specialty. Give us a call
  • For a trial go to our website at www.theramanager.com
  • If you need help that's not in one of the 875 Help Notes, or have questions or suggestions please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.