What’s New March 2009
Outcomes are Everything
  • This news letter describes our most exciting new development yet. It is related to using Forms in EMR to derive and plot Outcomes. This finally allows you as practicing clinicians to evaluate the results of different treatments and drugs, just like the academic clinicians, in your daily work and at no cost to you. It will make evaluating outcomes a part of your clinical methodology, providing hard-data as the basis of treatment, and allowing that data to be shared with your colleagues.
  • Great news for drug and daycare/disabled management clinics is that the Appointments Scheduler can now display the weekly schedules for a selected patient.
  • This update also addresses some issues related to previous changes.Taking advantage of these fixes will require a new update, but there will be no need for an "admin" login if you have updated since February 6, 2009.

  • We have added a feature that allows an export of all the historical data for a given patient in a specific type of form to EXCEL, where it may be selected, pivoted and displayed as graphs and charts. This functionality is preliminary and will be further integrated into the program, made easier to use, and allow for averaging over groups of patients. Several of you have already prepared forms for this use and we hope many others of you will follow suite. To obtain help with this function and see an example just type "outcome" into the Help | Help Notes | Search Box
  • A misalignment of the notes on the forms when inserted into the text has been fixed.
  • The date when a checked form was added to History is now shown along with the initials of the user who added the form.
  • The date of the form saved to history can now be changed prior to locking the form.
  • A new index has been added for faster operation when selecting forms.
  • The "running" default form or forms for each patient are now auto-saved in all cases.
  • Please Note. Since the saved data is tightly related to the form, once data is saved into history with a form, that form will be locked in the form designer to protect against structural changes, although you may still change the text in Columns, Captions, Pronouns and Text for insertion.... For structural chages you will have to export and re-import the form with a new form number. Old forms may then be hidden. A back door way to remove all history for a user with admin rights has been provided.
  • Please Note. Do not overlook the fact that many forms including sample lab requests come with your updates and sit in your TheraManager folder and can be imported into the Form Designer from the popup menu.

    Printing Bills
  • An error occurred in the last update, that excluded bills with a balance arising only from aged printed records from appearing in a batch. This has been fixed.

    Synchronizing PDAs
  • Since there are now so many different operating systems for PDAs we cannot provide programs for all of them at this time. However since all PDAs synch to OUTLOOK, we have added a bidirectional syncing capability between TheraManager and OUTLOOK for patients and contacts, and appointments.

    Appointments Screen
  • View by Patient has been added to the View menu. Thus all the activities for a selected patient can be viewed for the day or whole week. A notelet can be associated with each activity in the same way that a notelet can be associated with an office visit.
  • The Weeks appointments are again printed continuously and not on separate sheets of paper.
  • The Notelet developed ADHD this winter but has been suitably medicated.

  • If you want to register, need further support or you have suggestions please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.