What’s New March 2008
Happy Easter
  • Please do this update, even if you have done one recently to take advantage of changes made after feedback from our early testers, and especially if you have not done an update this year. As always BE SURE TO DO A BACKUP first. The program will prompt you to do an "admin" login if needed.
  • This month we have added the archiving of insurance records so that old insurance plans will continue to be associated with the corresponding cpt records.
  • Email reminders with authentication are now working, but Electronic prescriptions and automatic application of electronic remittances are still being worked on. We have added additional flexibility in designing Forms.
  • All our emails are on our website and are worth a reread to discover the features that you are missing out on by not using.
  • Please read this email and pass it on to your staff, associates and local colleagues.

    Help Notes
  • Videos and the help notes, to which we continue to add, appear to be much more popular than our traditional Help.
  • As a reminder Help Notes are available from Help | All Help | Help Notes on the system menu. These use your entry in the Search Box to find the topic on which you need help. The notes are very explicit and show screen shots so please use them. In fact we will not accept excuses for not using them.
  • A new one to remember when you cannot login is Note Number "911", which should be entered in the Search Box. If no note appears on clicking the View Button, either your network or internet connection is down, so please do not dial 911 or TheraManager, but call your IT professional.

    Appointments Screen
  • The new look of the Appointments Calendar seems to have met with approval and a small bug associated with the zooming was fixed.
  • If you select Email as the remind option on the Book Appointment Form, it is easy to create email reminders. First set up your email parameters for each user at the admin | Users Screen. At the Appointments Screen | Tasks select Get Appointment Reminders on the pop-up menu. The reminders for the next business day will be imported into Tasks and can be sent from the pop-up menu in one click.
  • The program has always had the capability of automatic phone dialing from the Appointments Screen given an analog phone line and a voice modem. We have now added an option for using the internet that is activated by making sure that the phone is turned off on the Phone Menu, and clicking any phone number. For this to work you must have a default phone service such as Yahoo Messenger selected in Windows Internet Explorer | Tools | Internet Options | Programs | Internet Call; , and you must have a sound-card with loudspeakers and microphone built-in or plugged into it.

  • The ability to set date windows on a patient's insurance profile has been added at the Insurance Screen. These profiles will then be automatically linked to the CPT Records so there is no longer a need to update these records for printing when you change a patient's insurance. The new record is created by clicking the toolbar New Button at the Insurance Screen. This will copy the existing profile into a brand new record that can be edited with the new information. The two scroll buttons can be used to review the records.
  • Viewing the the patients' bills has been significantly speeded up following our changes to allow multiple bill-payers described in the last email. The alternative entry mode for populating the CMS-1500 form has been removed from the Insurance Screen.

  • The authorizations capability was set up to keep track of authorized visits. It now keeps track of units if the number of units are set at the booking or Posting Screen.

  • The last update increased the number of available fields from 72 to 127, but if this is not enough or you are aleady trying to concatenate 2 forms when printing, we have made this easier. By entering the word 'continuation' in the Text for Insertion... column, the heading will not be printed.
  • The list of items in Pronouns column that are entered into the medical record has been extended. Here is the complete list.
      If the pronoun field contains text eg "He", "She", "him", "her" "then" etc that is entered.
      If the pronoun field is blank then the patients name is entered.
      If the pronoun field is ' then the patients name+" 's" is entered.
      If the pronoun field is - then a blank is entered.
      If the pronoun field is first then the first name is entered.
      If the pronoun field is first' then the first name+" 's" is entered.
      If the pronoun field is and then and he or and she are used with the appropriate punctuation to link two items in the prose print. In tabular form it will just be He or She.
      The default is to omit normal items from the prose but if you want them included then uncheck the Normal column.

  • The grids have a bunch of features that are not being used by many people. Moving the headers for grouping is very powerful for seeing things. For example grouping by DOS on the Patient Bills Screen. Any configuration can be saved either deliberately on the popup menu or by default if Open Screens with.... is checked in User Settings. In default mode the screens will reopen that way.
    The contents of the grids can also be manipulated and printed by exporting to HTML or XLS from the popup menu.
    When grouped some new summaries have been added.
  • A new feature is that all the groups can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the Collapse or Expand items on the popup menus. Individual groups can be expanded and collapsed by double-clicking on them.

  • If you need help please watch the videos or consult the new Help Notes. If you need further support or you have suggestions please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.
  • If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the FREE Trial. If have procrastinated from an earlier trial, please call and we can get you going again.