What’s New January 2008
Happy and Prosperous New Year
  • Please celebrate the new year with an update, even if you have done one within the last day or two, to take advantage of changes made after feedback from our early testers. If you last updated prior to January 21, BE SURE TO DO A BACKUP before installing the update. The program will prompt you to do an "admin" login. All other users must log off the system and stay logged off for as long as it takes to complete this login, which could be a long time, since significant changes are being made to the database. Then after entering the program normally, click through your screens and post an appointment to verify that there are no error messages that would indicate a corrupt index or table, or missing field for which you need to call us. These events are rare and are not an excuse for not doing an update. All other users after this can use a normal login.
  • We apologize for the long interval since the previous email but we have been busy adding features and we were trying to have everything we planned done and checked. One particular feature allowing for multiple bill-payers unfortunately caused many more changes than we anticipated in the accounts and caused us delays, We apologize for any inconvenience that this caused to a small number of early updaters, but the final result is a great improvement in convenience and speed. The number of diagnosis codes given to a patient at multiple postings can now be >4 and the 1500 forms will still print. However we believe the first update that had this feature was flawed. It was only available overnight in November, but we have received 3 reports of one or two extra codes being added to some patients CPT record. If you see this problem please contact us immediately and we can run a check and correct your records.
  • There are many changes throughout the current program that we will detail below, but the most obvious one is the enhanced look of the Appointments Screen. In the Accounts there is now a capability for multiple bill payers. There are 2 very important additions to our Help methodology this month, which are described below. Additions that have been coded, but are not yet ready for release include electronic prescriptions, email reminders with authentication and automatic application of electronic remittances. These will be released as soon as they are checked out.
  • Please read this email and pass it on to your staff, associates and local colleagues.

    Appointments Screen
  • We discussed last email how different types of appointment could be displayed. Now the look of the Appointments Calendar has been changed. The text is wrapped and can be sized to suit your screen at Tools | User Settings. If the appointment wraps around the end of the hour, that is shown with a chevron to avoid any mistakes, when glancing quickly at the screen. Gridbars have been removed from within a displayed appointment, which makes them clearer to read and are now faintly tagged with the minutes.
  • There is a Fast Book menu item on the popup menu on the Appointments Screen that when checked speeds up booking and posting for repeated patient visits. This function has been changed slightly. . If the date and time are later than the present, a double click on the Appointment Calendar will instantly book an appointment with the same parameters as the last one. If the date and time are prior to the present then double clicking an empty time will immediately book an appointment and open the posting form with the previous parameters. If you want do not wish to use the default parameters then do a right click on the time and use the Book | Book/Rebook menu item or uncheck the Enable Fast Book item
  • New appointments can be booked over cancelled appointments, so that the record is kept, but these were sometimes obscured by the cancelled appointment. This has now been fixed.
  • A new feature for large offices has been added to the Appointments Calendar. In the All view a drop down box becomes visible and allows either all the clinicians to be shown, which is the default, or those who are part of specific groups. The group names can be entered once for any clinician and then drag-and-dropped for the others from the self-learning master list at the Admin | Clinicians Screen. Clinicians can still be marked as inactive at this screen and they will not be shown in the All View. Sorry, if you previously used this option, you will need to check the new Inactive Checkbox on the Admin | Clinicians Screen for any inactive clinician.

  • There are 2 videos, Overview and Setup, that can be accessed from Help | Demos and Videos on the system menu. More videos are coming. Even for experienced users the overview is a good review of the many features in the program.
  • The other new help feature is help notes accessed from Help | All Help | Help Notes on the system menu. A dialog box appears at the top of the Screen with all the notes in a drop down list . This list can be filtered by typing in keywords and then the note selected. Click on the View Button to download the note and read it in your pdf reader. There are currently about 350 notes on our website and they are still being added to. Please learn to use them if you have questions about how to do things but let us know if you think there is a note or a keyword missing.

  • The biggest change is the addition of multiple bill payers to the program. Multiple bill payers can be added to the program by clicking the New Button at the Patients | Bill Payers Screen. A dialog appears where fixed or percentage payments for each bill payer can be set.
  • The patient's bills for each bill payer can be selected at the Patient's Bills Screen using the new drop down list at the top right of the screen.
  • The Payments | Patient Screen now shows the Net Unpaid and the Total Payments for the selected patient. In the case of group practices using our "virtual corp" construct, the accounts for the selected patient with each "virtual corp" with whom they have an account are displayed grouped on the one screen.
  • Where "virtual corps" are used the corp is now maintained when switching between the accounting screens.
  • More sorting, grouping and moving options have been provided on the accounting grids. Remember that these can be saved and restored using the option available at the Tools | User Settings on the system menu.
  • Several changes were made to the Accounts Screens to significantly speed up the display of data when scrolling between patients. There are two new checkboxes. The Age/Show Totals Checkbox should be left unchecked for the fastest refresh but clicking it will age and show all the account balances. Show Balances Checkbox allows you to view the running balances organized either by DOS or by Post date.
  • We have added protection against the following. If you accidentally sent a duplicate claim to the insurance company after the initial claim has been paid, and the insurance company responds with a zero remittance, you will no longer be able to enter this in the program. In the unlikely event that you had entered such a zero amount in the past, you will see a zero in the Add'l Payments column of the CPT Records and you should check the Patients Bill in case the patient was rebilled for the full amount at that time.
  • If you receive a warning about work areas or number of tables exceeded, as a short-term expedient, you and your colleagues should log out and relog in. However you need to call us or increase the limits in the ads_cfg on the server. If you are entering a multiple remittance EOB payments (we have seen 100's in some Medicare Payments) the limit on datalocks must be increased or your payment transaction will fail.

    MOD and Other Codes
  • Up to 4 MOD codes can now be entered on the Posting Form. Instead of individual dropdown boxes there is now one box and MOD1, 2 3 or 4 can be selected in the checkbox. We also added other codes that are intended to be used for billing and reporting in certain child care programs, but they could be used for other tracking purposes . These new codes can be setup at the Customization | Codes etc Screen.
  • The new POS code 36 for a Therapeutic Group Home is now included in the Master Data, which can be downloaded from the website.

  • We continue to work with additional EDI target organizations giving you the freedom of choice. In particular we have added Gateway EDI as a full-service clearing house.
  • If a claim is rejected by the clearing house. please first review it as a potential paper claim on screen in Print Preview mode to see if you have omitted information in your data entry. The rejection messages are very cryptic so we will add a "How do I read EDI rejections" to the Help section.
  • If claims are missing from your submission please make sure that not only is the Print Type of 3 selected but the EDI Target is selected at the Orgns/Plans Screen.
  • In rare situations secondary payer codes are needed and these can now be added at the Orgns/Plans Screen.

  • Since booked appointments are frequently made before the authorizations for managed care patients have been received, there is now an Allocate to Existing Booked Appts menu item on the popup menu on the Authorizations Screen. This will automatically assign the selected authorization where applicable by clinician, cptcode and dates, to the booked appointments.

  • We have added export capability to Outlook to the PDA dashboard. This capability is needed to synchronize with some new phones. A new registration is needed to access this capability unless you are already registered for the PDA.

    Tax Reports
  • You can see summaries of your income and expenses for the 2007 tax year at the Reports Screen and for schedule C filers do an export directly into your favorite tax program.
  • You can also select the patients bills for the year and with a right click on Print Selected either print all the records, or just the patient's payments.

  • This is a reminder about the option to change the font. This was added so that you can put a flag in either the business or the clinical note, ie select the text and change the font to say size 20, bold and red and leave it at the top of the notelet. Using Autohide that message will grab your attention when you select the patient.

  • We have added 2 Set ALL this Way Buttons to the Users Screen, which makes it much quicker to assign rights to new users in a large office.

  • We have made changes to the Diagnosis Screens to accomodate both the EMR and billing needs from these screens. On the left hand side of each row there are now 2 additional checkboxes. The inner box determines whether the code is submitted to the insurance company and the outer box determines whether it appears in the so-called diagcode or pointer for the cpt code being billed. Medicare is now specifying that all codes up to 4 applicable to the patient are submitted, but only those relevant to each cpt code are in the pointer.

  • We have made slight changes to the way that patients data encapsulated in a form is handled at the Forms Screen, but the most important thing is to understand how it is used. If you just want to check a form for a patient visit and and then enter the information into the medical record note, the record is saved automatically but the Saved Record date is left blank. Next time you enter data into the form it will overwrite any previous information. However if you wish to save a record for each visit then click the Save & Date Drop Down Box. This will make a permanent dated record. The information entered into the note will be that from the blank record or the latest dated one.
  • There is also a new feature that allows you to select a completed dated form (say from a previous visit) and copy it into a new form so only changes need to be entered.
  • To accomodate our more enthusiastic form designers, including a heart surgeon, the number of exclusive item groups and checkboxes has also been increased to 128 and notefields to 48. A forensic psychiatrist told us recently that the forms reduced his report writing time from an hour or two, to 5 minutes!

  • Two fields have been added to the Appointments | Task Screen to aid in using the Task Manager across an office. One is for the status of the task, "Deferred", "Waiting on" etc. The second column allows for the percentage completion to be selected. We try to make life easier for you, so that if you don't want to do a task yourself, it is very simple to send it to someone else using the popup menu.

  • If you need help please consult the new help notes described above. If you need further support or you have suggestions please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.
  • If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website, download the FREE Trial, and call 908-508-8900 to request an on-line demo. If an earlier trial has expired, or you had problems running it, please call and we can get you going again.