What’s New August 2007
  • Please do an update, even if you have done one within the last day or two, to take advantage of changes made after feedback from our early testers. The program will ask for an "admin" login from the first user to run the updated program, if that is what it needs, otherwise a normal login is fine.. If you have not done an update this year, it is essential to do one now but please request a new registration file before doing so.
  • If you are using Vista, we should already have helped you set up "Full Control" of your TheraManager folder. If not please follow the instructions in the Help | Introduction | Setting up with Vista. We have just heard of a case where the Templates folder "disappeared" on a Vista machine after an Update. We recommend making a copy of your Templates folder or better yet your whole TheraManager folder.
  • This month there are significant additions to the Appointments Calendar and to the Reports Screen, and many other improvements throughout the program.
  • We have come across several cases where unexpected things have happened to data like disappearing appointments, voided postings and even malicious mischief. In all cases these were tied to user activity. The program has a tracking system at the Transactions Screen, where the login and logout times of each user, changed and deleted appointments, and voided accounting transactions are all recorded with the user initials, so that you can see who did what and when. However this is no use, if users do not each use their unique login and password. The program is designed for this, so administrators please set them up and have your users use them. Note that we do not include detective work in our support contract!
  • Please read this email and pass it on to your staff and associates. We find a significant number of offices where staff are ignorant of new features. The emails are also available on the website. We do not accept the argument that you and your staff do not have time to read our emails, but have time to call us!

    Appointments Screen
  • The ability to display types of Appointments has been added, primarily for the benefit of clinicians. Office staff would be more interested in the current display based on the status of an appointment (booked, posted etc). The display is set with a new button above the Refresh and Privacy Buttons in the center of the Appointments Screen. The type of appointment is only displayed for booked appointments. The others will be cross-hatched. A type of appointment is defined by the cpt code and there can be up to 12 types set at the Customization | Codes etc Screen. There is a default set of colors but these can be customized at Tools | user Settings on the system menu when the Setup & Display Type Colors on Login Checkbox is checked. If that checkbox is left checked, display types will be displayed at login for that user.
  • We are also making changes to the display that will go in shortly and make it easier to read-at-a-glance, for example by removing gridbars from within a displayed appointment.
  • The List of Appointments on the Appointments Screen can now be exported to HTML or to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • We have received several requests for email Appointment reminders. For those who wish to them via their website without authentication, the capability is available at the Task screen. Most internet service providers require authentication, which we are in the process of adding to the program.
  • We continue to see screens where users have not adjusted the font-size of the text on the appointments screen to match their screen resolution. This can be done at the Tools | User Settings on the system menu.
  • Last month we added popup notelets that could be associated with any patient or clinician appointment. The empty notelet is created by clicking the Notelet Button on either the Patient's or the Clinicians Booking Form. This notelet pops-up when mousing over the appointment. If a note was created accidentally or you wish to delete it, a Delete Button is now available on the Notelet Form but only for notelets associated with an appointment.
  • The Encounter Form intended for booking and posting multiple cpt codes for one appointment can be brought up accidentally by clicking the Multi CPTs Button on the Booking or Posting Form A Disable Button on the Form will now put it firmly in its place.
  • A great feature has been activated. By selecting a Contact at the Appointments Screen and then double-clicking on the Appointments Calendar, an appointment with the selected clinician and the Contact can be booked. On returning to this appointment and clicking on it, those 2 names will be selected again. A search for an appointment with a contact can also be done by selecting the Contact and doing a search (F6 or F7) as for a patient.
  • The name of the person accompanying a child patient can be seen top-right in the Contact Panel. it is entered at the Patients Screen.

  • Posting appointments in Hawaii will now add the tax for self-pay patients.
  • The Payments | Patient Screen now shows the Net Unpaid and the Total Payments for the selected patient. In the case of group practices using our "virtual corp" construct, the accounts for the selected patient with each "virtual corp" with whom they have an account are displayed grouped on the one screen.
  • More sorting, grouping and moving options have been provided on the accounting grids. Remember that these can be saved and restored using the option available at the Tools | User Settings on the system menu.
  • A summary of the "Net Unpaid" and the "Total Payments" has been added to the Payments | Patients Screen.

  • We have worked with the various EDI target organization successfully to incorporate their non-standard features and have claims approved. Most of our customers submitting EDI claims are now being paid.
  • We still have not activated the feature for automatically entering the payments from an electronic remittance advice (ERA or 835 transaction) that can be returned by the payer or clearing house. This will, we hope, eliminate the tedious job of entering the insurance payments at the Payments Screen. We want to test this before releasing it, so If anybody using EDI has signed up to receive the ERAs, please let us work with you.

  • At the Earnings Screen an additional calculation has been added.to the Earnings from Payments Tab. This splits earnings according to whether the payment is from or on behalf of a selfpay or an insured patient. Payments for missed appointments are summed separately in all cases.
  • Like the other grids, the displays can be exported to HTML or Excel.

  • Outstanding Balances can now be sorted by Corporate Entity as well as by Clinician. Monthly Receivables are by DOS and Monthly Payments by Postdate.
  • A completely new option for displaying reports has been created and added to the program. The reports are in a drop down menu. On selecting a report, it is generated and displayed on a full-screen grid. As on all the other grids in the program the report can be exported to HTML or Excel for analysis or printing using the popup menu item. This elegant capability will make it much easier to add new reports to the program

  • The forms can now be customized for insertion into the medical record using the patient's first name. Just insert the word "first" as the male and female pronoun in the form designer.
  • The first character of the added text is no longer capitalized by default.

  • There is a new option to edit the Master List of codes both for ICD-9 and DSM-IV diagnoses using the respective Edit Code Checkboxes.
  • New codes can be added or existing ones deleted using the New and Delete Buttons respectively on the toolbar.
  • After either of the above operations, the respective Edit Code Checkboxes must be unchecked to re-enable drag-and-drop.

  • The PDA program has a notes section. Entries from this can be imported back either into the Office Reminderl Notelet or the Clinical Notelet for that patient. If anyone is interested in direct import into a new Medical Record, please let us know.

    Backup & Restore
  • Help Buttons have been added to the Backup and Restore Screens that brings up detailed graphical help for those that need it.

  • If you have suggestions or need support please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.
  • If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website, download the FREE Trial, and call 800-913-4294 to request an on-line demo. If an earlier trial has expired, or you had problems running it, please call and we can get you going again. Our customers have converted from many other programs.