Addendum June 2007
  • This is an addendum to our recent June newsletter. We have discovered that some insurance organizations including CMS Medicare have been incapable of meeting the May 23 deadline and are not yet accepting new 1500s (!!!), so we have added the capability of printing old 1500s back into into the program, so please do another update, even if you have done one since receiving the June newsletter.
    After doing this new update you must check the settings for printing as described below.

    Printing Claims
  • The type of printing claims for each insurance organization is set at the Orgns/Plans Screen. Make a selection from the Print Type Drop Down Box. If you want to create an EDI claim, select 3 in this box and select the target in the EDI Target Box. We continue to add verified targets to the list. If a name does not appear in the list, choose "Other".
  • To send all your claims the same way, click the All This Way Button
  • At the Batch Screen the range of printing claim types in the drop down menu has been extended to include the old forms.
  • Printed batches can also be converted to a different type of printing using the popup menu on the grid.

    NPI Numbers
  • To repeat. Printing claims can be set up to accomodate different structures. The NPI number for boxes 32a and 32b are taken EITHER from the Customization | Places of Service Screen and from the admin | Electronic Screen respectively, OR from the Customization | Clinician Information Screen.
  • You can decide whether to populate box 24j at the Customization Screen | Clinician Information Screen.
  • If you need further support please contact or call 908-508-8900.