What’s New November 2006
  • Changes and additions continue to be made to all parts of the program, although there is never enough time to make all the changes that are on our list.
  • Our new brochure has now been printed. If you want some copies to give out at meetings etc, please let us know.
  • One new function that is now in production testing is electronic billing using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the standard that was mandated by CMS. This will allow access to additional clearing houses such as THIN-Availity and BCBS of Michigan, and/or allow direct submissions to Medicare and Medicaid carriers. Free-claims will also accept EDI files.
  • We have added links to some of your websites on our website so please add a link to our website on yours. We can supply you with our logo or you could just have a sentence that reads for example "Our office uses TheraManager software to ensure the privacy of your records." with a link to www.theramanager.com.

  • Added an extra menu item on the popup menu that allows the patients insurance information to be added into the note.

  • On the Patients Screen there is now an option for Auto-Split by date-of-service. This will automatically assign a patient check to the oldest unpaid charges in order of dos. Since payments may not have been assigned to dos in earlier cases, this may not work perfectly for old accounts. It should work well with newer ones. Remember that you can assign the dos to payments yourself by clicking on the relevant posted charge on the grid before entering a payment.
  • The entering of zero payments from insurance organizations has been corrected for deferred postings. The process and interface has also been changed to use the prior posting information to correctly inform you as to what the patient should be billed for the zero payment cpt record, but with an option to change the amount. When entering a zero payment the messages are self-explanatory.
  • When leaving the Payments Insurance Screen the name of the last patient for whom a remittance was entered is retained as the current patient. This makes it much quicker to eyeball the account of the patient for whom you have just entered the insurance payment. Previously the next patient on the grid was the default selection.

  • On the Patient's Bills Screen there is a new feature. If payments are properly entered by date-of-service (dos) at the Payments Screen, then grouping by dos (drag the DOS Column Header and drop it above the Grid) will show the Net Paid or Net Unpaid amounts for each dos in the summary footers.

    Patients Demographics.
  • A feature has been added that checks for a duplicate social security number, ie a duplicated patient record or error, as this number is being edited.
  • On the Client/Patient Screen, the function of the DOB+ Checkbox is confusing and has been removed. If any of your patients' names in the titlebox have their year of birth after them, this can and should be removed by resaving (Ctrl+S) at the Patients/Clients Screen.

    Search Menu
  • We have added options to search by date-of-birth or by social security number on the Search | Find Patients by.. on the system menu.

    CMS-1500 Form
  • We have modified the content of Box 9d on the CMS-1500 form submitted to Medicaid in Massachusetts to read the second insurance id number instead of the plan name.

    Managed Care Authorizations
  • We discovered that old authorizations were continuing to be checked long after they had expired. This chronically slowed up opening of the Booking Form for managed care patients, where there is a significant number of old authorizations. This has been fixed.
  • The Select Primary Provider Button has been removed from the Authorizations Screen. It has been replaced by a warning if the selected clinician is not the primary clinician.

  • In the past the only way to reuse the time slot of cancelled appointments and keep the appointment in the patients record was to move the cancelled appointment to the early hours. The program has been modified to allow the cancelled appointment to be left in place and another appointment booked over it without recording a clash. However in order to do this, the new appointment must be created on an empty area and then slid over the cancelled appointment time using the Time Scroll Buttons on the Book Apointment Form. The new appointment will then behave in the normal way.
  • The timer function has been augmented. there are now 3 options. The timer will give a warning either for the booked length, the designated end time or the designated start time of the selected appointment. The warning time or the use of a beep are set up under Tools | User Settings on the system menu.

  • Thanks again for your continuing support, suggestions and patience as we try to make this program be all things to all people, for your continuing referrals and for forwarding this email to your colleagues.
  • If you have suggestions or need support please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.
  • If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the FREE Trial, or call 800-913-4294 to request an on-line demo or if an earlier trial has expired. Our customers have converted from many other programs and we make the switch easy with an import of your existing patient demographic data.