What’s New September 2006

  • Changes and additions continue to be made to all parts of the program and include an important security update so please be sure to do this update even if you have done one recently, but please read the tips below before doing so.
  • Our new brochure and the expanded feature list are now available on-line at our website or accessible from the Help Menu and can be printed.
  • We continue to find even experienced users of the program who are not aware of features that they want, and which are already in the program, so we will try to high-light one or two of them each month. Reading the current feature list is also a good idea.
  • Many of you have contributed to the user group on Yahoo. This was set up by Dr Michelle Cutitto a long time ago and we are grateful to her for that initiative. However we now have a sophisticated software on our website that will do a better job of hosting the group and making it easier to set up topics and review threads. Working with Dr Cutitto, who will continue as an administrator, we shall be migrating to the new user group to which you should address any future questions and answers. You can access the new group from the TheraManager website menu or from the Help Menu in the program.
  • This month we have a favour to ask of those of you who have websites. In order to rank highly with the search engines, a web site needs to have links to it. Our request is that you put a link to our site on your site. If you want to use our logo, we can supply you with one or you could just have a sentence that reads " Our office is powered with TheraManager Software that ensures the security and privacy of your records." and then have a link to www.theramanager.com. We would be very grateful for any help you can give us in this respect and would be happy to return the favour.
  • We welcome Boris Belenkiy to our staff, who will be leading our advanced programming activities.
  • Thanks for those referrals and please keep them coming.

  • The method of inserting "hyperlinks" to files into the medical record has been stream-lined to a single stage process. As a reminder, these "hyperlinks" allow you to add a link to a note that when selected will open up the approriate viewer for a range of different types of documents including images, audios and videos related to the patients record. There are 2 options for selecting the documents,one menu item shows the list of douments already associated with the patient at the documents screen, and the other gives you the list of folders that you use to store your documents. This capability also acts like a regular hyperlink for web addresses and opens up the web browser. For example try typing "www.theramanager.com" into a note and then selecting it..
  • Setting a font has also been streamlined into a single step process, ie you can select text and change its font from the Font | Set menu item, which is no longer buried under Edit on the popup list. The Template Mode menu item has been renamed to Default and moved under Font. As a reminder, if the Default menu item is checked, then you will always type in the default font intended for working with templates, unless you select an area that has a different font. The default font may or may not be different from your template font, depending on how you saved the template. If Default is unchecked, any font that you set will be retained.
  • The MS Journal Viewer has been added and the suffix for viewing liquid-ink .jnt files saved on or from a TabletPC.

  • The filenames can now be edited, if necessary, or new ones added from the keyboard, in the namebox at the top of the screen.
  • Websites can now be entered, stored and accessed from the patients list.
  • The MS Journal Viewer has been added and the suffix for viewing liquid-ink .jnt files saved on or from a TabletPC. This is a tremendous feature for anybody who is keyboard challenged but who owns a Tablet PC and wants to "hand-write" their notes.

    Customization Screen .
  • 2 buttons, Copy All and UpdateAll, have been added to the Codes etc Screen to allow adding or replacing the cptcodes and charges for all the clinicians in a large group from those of one clinician.
  • As a reminder, suffixes on the CPT codes can be used to designate different charges for treatment with the same code, ie injections. The suffix is removed before printing the 1500 forms.

  • We have added an Update All Button to the Organizations Screen that will update the Allowed Fees for all clinicians in a group practice.
  • One of our customers was not being reimbursed by at least one insurance organization, because the provider #s in GroupBox 24k were not location dependent. This feature has been added. This works the same way as GRP# and UPIN#s have been for a while. As a Reminder, entering a single value for any of these parameters, it will be copied for all locations by default. However if you need to enter these by location, select the Location in the Location Box on the Organizations Screen and enter the specific location information.

    Diagnosis Screen
  • In order to make the process from diagnosis to posting more seamless, we have added the 4 "checkboxes" that determine the codes used on the 1500 form to both the DSM IV and the ICD-9 Diagnosis Screens. There are an additional 6 boxes beside Axis II and Axis III on the DSM-IV Screen, but these are linked to the same 3 of the 4 fields as the boxes beside Axis I. The program will associate the first diagnosis code that it finds for each respective checkbox. For example if Axis I is left empty then either an Axis II or an Axis III code will be used for the 1500 form or statement of service, otherwise Axis I will be used.

    Patients Family Data and Specialized Forms
  • The Patients | Family Screen has been enhanced to provide more information for more children. The driving force for this was to make the program usable by child service organizations, so we would welcome you bringing the program to their notice. The printing capability has been expanded to allow the printing of forms replacing 1500 forms in special cases.

    Encounter Form
  • The Encounter Form is intended to provide an on-screen interface between the clinician, who does the coding and the diagnosis, and the biller who does the posting, especially when there is more than one cpt code to post. It can be enabled or disabled on the Appointments Screen popup menu.
  • The treatment codes or the purchase of items for the patients visit can also be selected in the lower Code Box after clicking on the CPT Code Label
  • The way of selecting and displaying the diagnosis codes has been changed to make it more intuitive with 4 dropdown boxes in the grid header. The Checkboxes corresponding to those to be checked on the 1500 form are placed underneath.
  • The Encounter Form is now linked to the Posting Form so that double-clicking a record on the Encounter Form causes the cpt code and the diagnosis codes to be transferred to the Posting Form and the posting information calculated automatically.

    Posting Form
  • An option for a second MOD code has been added.

  • The messaging feature has been enhanced so that the initials of the sender and the date and time that the message was sent are shown. As a reminder messages can be sent from the popup menu on the Users Screen of the popup Notes by selecting the text and clicking All Users or the initials of the specific user on the popup menu. if the Refresh Button is depressed on the recipients computer then the toolbar Notes Button will act as a message light and turn red.

    Doing an Update
  • Always make sure that you have a viable current backup or copy of the "Main Data" Database to provide for the rare case that a table becomes corrupted.
  • As a solo user there should not be any issues. Go to Help | About and click on the Update Button
  • In a networked group office, if the update needs to modify the database, the program will inform you if anyone else is logged in. If so make sure everybody is logged out and stays logged out until you have finished.
  • If the database is to be updated, the program will ask you if you have done a backup. If so do your first update on the server (not required but preferable). Stop the database engine using the ads_cfg (not required but preferable).
  • Download the update and install. Restart the database engine, start TheraManager and login. As the database is updated an hour glass will show prior to opening the Appointments Screen.

    Support and Maintenance
  • Most of our customers have support contracts so this is to remind you why you did the right thing. Our 3 year support contract is a great deal compared to the price of other industry software support. We answer questions by email, telephone or messaging on screen. We provide new features like the ones above on a regular (typically monthly) basis and we fix any bugs immediately and post the update. We make adjustments to the 1500 forms as needed by the insurance companies schemes tofoil their plans to reject your claims. The big adjustment will come later this year with the new CMS-1500 form, which everyone will require along with their NPIs. We also give you updates to the database engine that has allowed faster more secure operation and allowed us to add new features. We even help you setup again when your hard drive crashes or your building burns down, both of which have unfortunately happened to our customers. In case you are wondering, you can only run the updated program, if you are registered for a support contract. You could get these enhancements without a contract but only at the much more expensive full upgrade price!

    Thanks again for your continuing support, suggestions and patience as we try to make this program be all things to all people.
    If you have suggestions or need support please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-508-8900.
    If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the Trial that will include all these new features, or call 800-913-4294 to request an on-line demo or if an earlier trial has expired.
    Our customers continue to convert from many other programs and we can make the switch easy with an import of existing patient data, so do please forward this email to your colleagues .