What’s New June 2006

  • Please make sure that even if you did an update recently, that you have an update dated 06/06/06 ( we couldn't miss this one) or later to get the latest fixes and features.
  • If you have not done an update this year it is even more important to do an update now since we shall be removing from the code, the updating of the database prior to Jan 1, 2006 that enables many of the new features.

    Payments Screen
  • There have been some changes made to the Payments Routines. There was a problem introduced in an interim update but this has been fixed in the most recent update.
  • The reset detection has been enhanced to take care of cases of unexpected power failure or network/internet disconnects while posting an insurance payment. When reentering the Payments | Insurance Screen after such a "loss", any cached cpt records will be detected, even though there is no obvious payment in progress. Answer "yes" to the the "Reset Payment" question.
  • Selecting the reason for denial of a claim will now reset the reimbursement amount to zero.
  • Selecting a posted item on the Payments | Patients Screen by clicking on the Grid, will now put in the expected payent for that item into the Amount Paid Box as well as selecting the DOS, CPT code and provider.
  • Failed credit card payments no longer appear in the patients' year-to-date payment totals

    Second Warning for Networked Users
  • Please make sure that the server (ie the machine where the database and Advantage database are located) is not allowed to hibernate or is put into hibernate mode at night, unless it is woken up before anyone logs in. If not the first person to log in remotely can lock out other users. Standby does not have the same problem.

    Screen Sizing.
  • The Sizing has been modified to allow proper sizing of TheraManager on monitors and notebooks with the widescreen format, or monitors and TabletPCs operated in page format. Single resizing works well but multiple resizing is limited.

    Internet operation.
  • Please make sure that the database selected when operating over the internet is called "Internet Data". Those of you with a static IP address ahould be aware that a url service provided by companies such as "no-ip.com" provide a no-cost, reliable alternative.

  • The new California prescription format is now accomodated in the program, although you may need to go to a specific printer (call us) to get the preprinted forms, since the layout was not standardized by California.
  • A proper note capability has been provided for adding unlimited and formatted comments to the prescriptions
  • A similar note is also available for lab requests. Additionally on clicking for a lab test request, text is now inserted into the script giving the providers fax number for the return of the lab tests, and the patient's diagnosis codes.
  • As a helpful hint, remember that if lab test results are faxed back to one of your computers using Windows fax, Winfax or efax then the address can be stored in the patients record at the Documents Screen.

    Appointments Screen, Posting, SoS.
  • The Statement of Service option on the right-click menu for printing the SoSs has been revised. The order of printing has also been changed to group the SoSs by clinician.
  • A units column has been added to the statement of service.
  • The No Claim feature on the posting Form was not working properly and was also not inhibiting the deduction of an authorization for managed care patients. This has been fixed.
  • Since the postdate can be set on the Binocular Date Box and is permanent unless reset or you log out, we show the internal post date on the Posting Form, when it has been set to other than the current date.

    Batch Printing.
  • It is a feature of batch printing that billing records will not be reprinted unless requested. The intent was that bills would be printed once per billing period so that those with a balance, but no additional records, would also not be reprinted more often than this. This is now enforced in the program and bills with a balance only will not be printed more often than the number of days in the Days Box unless the Reprint Box is checked.

  • It has been possible to lock the notes from the popup-menu, but a new addition is for text to be inserted into the note to say who locked it and when

    Thanks again for your continuing support, suggestions and patience as we try to make this program be all things to all people.
    If you have suggestions, need training or support please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-517-5188.
    If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the Trial that will include all these new features, or call 800-913-4294, if your original trial has expired.
    Our customers continue to convert from many other programs and we can make the switch easy with an import of existing patient data so do please forward this email to your colleagues .