What’s New Mid-April 2006

Phone Problemsl
  • If any ot you have been having trouble contacting us, we recently discovered why. There was a programming error on our new Verizon phone lines. Our main number, which also received our 800 calls, was not programmed to go into voicemail, although our other lines were properly programmed, which is why our response may not have looked as sharp as usual.

    The Encounter Form and Visits Marked Incorrectly as Posted.
  • The Encounter Form has been a source of confusion to a number of people, which was our fault, and in some cases led to appointments being marked as Posted even though there was no CPT record at the Accounts Screen.
  • We have put in a menu item that completely disables the Encounter Form for those who do not need it or want it.
  • The same menu item also restores all the Posted visits to Booked in all those cases where there is no corresponding CPT record, and clears the Encounter Form.
  • If you have already rebooked and reposted a missing CPT record in a given case, then just delete the revived booking. A quick way to see any unposted appointments is in the List View with All the Past records sorted by the @ status column.
  • This new Encounter Form | Disable, & Restore Records menu item is found by right clicking on the Appointments Calendar.

  • You will need to obtain the latest Update from the Help | About | Update Button to find the menu item described above.
  • Whilst on the subject of updates, some people are reticent about doing updates. This is a mistake. There are 2 functions in an update, which you do not need to worry about if you are a single user. These functions are:
    1. Updating the program only, which can be done by anyone at any time without having everybody using Theramanager logging out. This will give you the latest features and fixes and is the most common.
    2. Updating the database with new fields to enable the addition of new features. This does require all other users of TheraManager to be logged out but the program warns you if users are logged in and will not do the database update until they have logged out. If there was an abnormal termination of the program at some point, the database engine on the server might need to be reset via the ADS_CFG shortcut on the server desktop. The program will allow you to log in without updating the database, but some features in the new version may not work properly until the database has been updated. This condition only applies to the first person logging in with the new version.
  • Historically updating the database has caused the occasional corrupted table, which is why we always recommend a backup, but these have become rare with newer computers, newer versions of the database engine etc.
  • So as long as you have the current support contract, please do the updates. The new version with the new features and fixes, will not run without a current support contract .

    The Encounter Form and Multiple CPT Codes per Visit
  • As we said in the last newsletter the Encounter Form is intended as a means of transferring the cpt and diagnosis codes to the biller. It is also useful as a check when posting multiple cptcodes.
  • For those of you posting multiple cpt records per visit then use the Post Multi CPTs Button. Each time it is clicked, it will post a cpt code but not change the visit to showing it as posted. The Close Button will close the Posting Screen also without changing the visit to showing it as posted. To finally change the color and post any patt (pay-at-the-time) the Done Button must be clicked.