What’s New April 2006

  • The big news for us is that we have moved to new office space. Please note our new main phone number for support is 908-508-8900. Our 800-913-4294 number continues for sales. Please excuse any delayed responses to emails or voicemails during the move.
  • A consequence of our move is that we have also moved in cyberspace so you will need to do the current update in order for us to remote to your screens.
  • We welcome our new sales and support representative, Leo Ligouri.
  • A new option becoming available this month will be the integration of TheraManager with an automated phone answering system. Please contact us for details.
  • The Encounter Form has been a source of confusion to a number of people and is discussed below.
  • If you have not yet updated to version 8 of the database server engine please do so as soon as possible, but call us first for the validation code.
  • If you have not yet updated this year, please update this month as the extensive database updates added for new features last year, will be removed from the program.
  • Good news for Apple MAC fans! The new "Intel MAC"s will dual boot to MAC or to Windows, which runs at full speed, without the speed limitations of VirtualPC. VirtualPC is no longer necessary and will not run on these new machines. You will need to buy a new Intel MAC, download a program called "Boot Camp" from the Apple website, and install Windows. Then you should be able to install and run TheraManager at full speed on your new fast Intel MAC, although this has not yet been tested.
  • Please contact customer service about our integrated internet credit card capability for keyed or swiped transactions.
  • Thanks again for your continuing support and referrals to your colleagues, which is what is helping us to grow and add more features for your benefit.
  • Do make sure that everybody in your office and your colleagues receive a copy of this email.

    Appointments Form.
  • The Encounter Form has been a source of confusion to a number of people. If you do not understand, the need for it, or do not need it, then you should just disable it, by NOT checking the Encounter Form menu item on the Appointment calendar popup menu. On this months update this has been moved into a Users Option group at the bottom of the popup menu.
  • If the Encounter Form was enabled in an earlier version and cpt codes "booked' into it, then the form will continue to popup even if the menu item is disabled. The one time cure for this is just to select each record in the Encounter Form using a right-click and Delete the record.
  • The Encounter Form is intended as a means of transferring the cpt and diagnosis codes to the biller. It is also useful as a check when posting multiple cptcodes.
  • The Fast Book menu item has also been moved to a Users Options menu item at the bottom of the Appointments calendar popup menu.

    If you have suggestions, need training or support please contact support@theramanager.com or 800-913-4294.
    Earlier newsletters are on the website for reference.
    If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the Trial that will include the latest features, or call 800-913-4294, if your original trial has expired.
    Our customers continue to convert from many other programs and we can make the switch easy for you with an import of your existing patient data.