What’s New March 2006

  • Little things make a big difference, for example this month we added an option of showing Provisional Appointments.
  • Doing an update is very easy from the Help | About Box, so please do one.
  • There are still some networked offices, who have not yet updated to version 8 of the database server engine. Please do so as soon as possible, but call us first for the validation code, provided to you as part of your support contract.
  • Please contact customer service about our integrated internet credit card capability for keyed or transactions made using our free swipe unit.
  • Thanks again for your continuing support and do make sure that everybody in your office and your colleagues receive this email.

  • Provisional Appointments can be made directly using the Provisional Button when booking an appointment using the Booking Form. The status of an appointment can also be changed Provisional to Firm or vice versa using the popup menu on the Appointments calendar.
  • Some of you may have noticed that you can copy-and-paste or cut-and-paste appointments, which is useful for changing bookings on the fly. Up till now, the provider could not be changed by pasting into the appointments calendar of a different provider on the All Screen. This has been changed to make pasting more universal.
  • The All View had been restricted to viewing the appointments of 20 providers. There is now no effective limit. The calenders of 29 providers can be viewed simultaneously full-screen on a 1600 pixel wide screen, after which the scrollbar then permits scrolling to view the appointments of an unlimited number of additional providers.

    Networked Users
  • We get occasional calls, always first thing in the morning, that only one person can log in. This is because that person has unknowingly logged in directly to the database. This will only happen if the database engine is turned off or the server is hibernated. To prevent the latter from happening, please disable or ask your IT person to disable the hibernate setting. We do not believe that standby has the same problem.

  • The Prescription Grid can now be viewed on a new panel on the Patient's Notes Screen. The panel can be seen by mousing over the navy bar at the bottom of the screen until the splitter cursor shows, then holding the left mouse button down and moving the splitter up the screen.

    Patients Screen
  • The auto Town State ZIP feature has been modified. Town State and zip code combinations are remembered when the Patients Screen is auto-saved or force saved with Ctrl+S. Typing either the first 4 letters of the name or the zip code will complete the boxes. If there is more than one match, then this can be selected using the Up-Down Control. Combinations can be deleted using the Eraser Button in the Town Box.
  • Whether to use the Auto Town State ZIP feature is determined by the Auto-fill checkbox on the screen accessed via Tools | User Settings.

    User Settings
  • We have discovered that the small screen accessed from the system menu Tools | User Settings is not used by many people, but it allows for some additional customization for each user. The features are self-explanatory but two of note are the fact that double clicking a booked appointment can be set to either open a Medical Note or to Post an Appointment.. Another feature is that the Appointments Screen can be set to open with a specic view and a specific provider and set of patients. Even the choice of "patients' or " clients " can be set here.

    CPT Codes
  • Some cpt codes for psychiatrists have been changed in the master List as per the AMA CPT Editorial Panel. 90871 replaces 90870. 0018T, 95970, 95974, 95975 added for VNS, 99261-99263 replaced by 99231-99233 or 99307-99310. 99311-99313 were replaced by 99307-99310. The brief definition of these codes or any others can be seen by entering the code number into the Enter Any... Box at the Customization | CPT Codes Screen

    Batch Print
  • The settable elapsed period between reprinting of bills can also now be used to set the reprinting of bills printed within the last few days specified.Print Batch Screen.

    Encounter Form
  • The Encounter form can now be permanently set to either non-appear or to appear whenever an appointment is clicked. This is remembered automatically as a user setting.

    Accounts Screen
  • A Summary band has been added to the Patient Bills Grid on the Accounts | Patient Bills Screen
  • Don't forget that on this screen you can group the records by date-of-service, by dragging-and-dropping the DOS header above the grid.
  • Also remember that the DOS for Patients checks entered at the Payments | Patients can be entered automatically after clicking on the appropriate record in the Grid.

    If you have suggestions, need training or support please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-517-5188.
    Earlier newsletters are on the website for reference.
    If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the Trial that will include all these new features, or call 800-913-4294, if your original trial has expired.
    Our customers continue to convert from many other programs and we can make the switch easy for you with an import of your existing patient data.