What’s New January 2006

  • We wish you all a Happy, Rewarding, and Clinically Satisfying New Year.
  • There are some very attractive enhancements to TheraManager this month, but our big holiday gift to you is the latest version 8 of the Advantage Database Server. We have purchased this upgrade for you so that you will all benefit from it. All networked users of this server should obtain a new authorization code from us before they download this month's update. They will also need to download and install the updated engine from the website. Solo users without networking will have the benefits of the new engine, but this will come automatically with the current update and needs no special effort on their part. This update will NOT work with Windows 98, which is no longer supported by Microsoft and Advantage, so we have no option but to follow suit.
  • There are improvements for everybody in this version so please do the update and start using the new Advantage engine during January.
  • Thanks again for your continuing input and do pass this email on to your colleagues.

  • A change was made so that when moving between the Diagnosis and Prescription Screens and the EMR Notes Screen the two previously open notes will continue to be open.
  • The significant new feature on the Notes is the ability to create pseudo hyperlinks within a note. These links can be used to open a wide range of files including .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .avi, .mp3 or even go to a website. These links can be keyed into the note . Alternatively the Link item on the popup menu can be used to select a folder already used for storing documents and browse to a file on the system. The links can be opened by simply selecting them with the mouse, which causes the application to be opened. Opening onto a second flat-panel screen makes for a great work environment.

    Appointments Screen
  • An option to simply change the color of an attended appointment, without opening the full attended form was added.
  • The use of the visit timer has been amended. This useful little flag on an appointment is red when started and flashes red within 5 mins of the end of the appointment.
  • A new Purchases menu item has been added to the popup menu. This allows purchases of single or multiple items, without going through booking an appointment, although purchases can still be made as part of posting regular cpt codes. Items for purchase can be entered as "cpt codes" at the Customization | CPT Records Screen with a charge, a number in the type column (a zero or a blank is for proper cpt codes), and a tax percentage. This approach will change when we introduce a full Inventory Screen next month.

  • The cpt records at the Accounts Screen can now be sorted by insurance organization or plan. This is particularly useful when following up on a bunch of delinquent HCFAs using the View | Delinquent Records from the system menu. Lift up the number header beside the name and not the actual name header..
  • A cpt code is now being added to each Patient Billing record whenever it is known for the record.
  • A new timesaving feature has been added to the Patients Payments Screen. The DOS, providers initials and cpt code will automatically populate the boxes in the Associate with DOS Record Group when a record in the Grid is clicked. If it is known that a whole or split payment is associated with a specific dos/record, then click the upper Enter Button, else use the lower Enter Button as usual.
  • Something to make a lot of people happy when reviewing a patient's account. The billing records at the Accounts Screen can now be sorted by DOS using Recalculate & Age All Balances on the popup menu. A single bill can then be printed by DOS, which can be very useful for summarizing a patient account over an extended period to see what the insurances paid independently of when.
  • We are now into 2006 so you will need to reset the YTD totals before posting any new cpts. This can be done at the Batch Print Screen.
  • One of the the goals of the TheraManager billing system is to provide accurate bills despite the complicated insurance system. However there are offices who wish to bill at their full charge and have explicit "write-offs" in the customers' bills. If you want to do this and discard all your effort invested in entering allowed amounts, copays etc, we have a Button for you!
    The Write-offs menu item under Actions on the system menu will do the following with the Orgns/Plans Screen open.
    • Change ALL the Allowed Amounts for each Organization and cpt code to your regular charges.
    • Check the In-Network Checkbox for all Organizations.
    • Change all the Percentage Copays for each plan to 100%.
    Use Estimated mode when posting.
    When entering your "EOBs" at the Insurance Payments Screen using this mode always:
    • Leave the Update Allowed Checkbox unchecked.
    • Select "Previous" in the Reset to .... Selectbox as a convenience
    • Enter the insurance actual allowed amount and the reimbursement for each session in the usual way.
    These changes will have the effect of billing the patient for your full charge each time you post. The "insurance writeoff" will be automatically displayed as a credit in the patients billing record. The patient then owes the remainder, which is actual allowed minus the insurance payment. The description has been changed to show 'Credit' rather than 'Est'd'.
  • One Report has been enhanced and another added.
    • Patient Balances can now be viewed by provider
    • Numbers of CPT codes and the receivable from them can be printed.

  • The ability to import contact lists from from Outlook and Outlook Express has been added to the Actions menu.

    TheraManager is generally exceptionally smart, easy-to-use and accurate, but if you find it to be dumb, difficult, devious or defective in any area, or you have ideas for features, or need training please contact support@theramanager.com or call 908-517-5188.
    Earlier newsletters are on the website for reference.
    If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the Trial that will include all these new features, or call 800-913-4294, if your original trial has expired.
    Our customers continue to convert from many other programs and we can make the switch easy for you with an import of your existing patient data.