What’s New October 2005

  • Please forward this newsletter by email or paper to everyone in your office, and to your colleagues outside the office, and please notify us of emails that you wish added to the list.
  • The big change for us this month is in the way in which the prescription scripts are generated, that gives us enhanced flexibility to meet the differing state requirements and formats. We have also added clinical/allergy notelets.
  • Thanks again for your continuing referrals to your colleagues and your great testimonials.

    Credit Card Billing
  • For details about the modest charges associated with taking credit cards, and the very simple sign up and setup procedure, please request the information sheet from customerservice@theramanager.com. All setups include a free mini swipe USB card reader for pay-at-the-time.

    Booking Appointments
  • It has been possible to open the Booking Form from the popup menu without having selected a time on the Appointments Screen. If this happened an 1899 date appeared. This possibility has been eliminated. The Book menu item will no longer appear unless a time was selected with a single click on the calendar before opening the menu..

    Posting Appointments
  • Dialog boxes now appear if you have not selected a billing option, Forgive Copay Checkbox is checked, or Use Allowed Checkbox is unchecked if the provider is in-network.
  • If you use the database engine, the program takes advantage of transaction processing, This valuable feature is normally invisible to you, but if you are on a poor network connection for example and the posting transaction fails, nothing will be recorded in your database. We have split the transaction into two parts, one for the posting (including changing the color of the appointment) and one for recording the pay-at-the-time that will each give a message if the transaction fails. Transaction processing is used elsewhere in the program, for example when posting payments at the Payments Screen.

  • The method of creating scripts has been changed, which makes it much easier for us to customize scripts to meet the different state requirements.
  • Before doing the update we recommend keeping a copy of the existing TheraManager.exe in case the new layouts have a problem for you. If they do let us know and we will fix it immediately.
  • The new forms for NY and CA have been added. There are 2 new combo boxes, one for Max Dose and one for the Code to be required in NY state.

    Prescriptions and EMR
  • We have added a way of tracking your patients allergies and any informal clinical reminders. These will appear on the Popup Notelets and will be visible at the EMR or the Prescription Screens. Just like the Office Reminders that appear elsewhere in the program, if these notes are set for auto-hide, the note will automatically appear if there is any content.

    Backup Cautions
  • If the bars do not jump up and down for several seconds when doing a backup, you have not made a backup for whatever reason even if the program says that a backup was completed.
  • You cannot do a second backup to the same place on the same day unless you first change the name of the first zip that was created.
  • All users will need to be logged out for a complete backup. The program checks for this.
  • Backups should be done on the server. They may not always work on a networked client.
  • Backups do not appear to work if the IP address is used in the ads.ini file. This is the optimum method for a networked office. If the IP address of the server is used in the ads.ini file on the server, the backup does not appear to work even on the server.
  • You can backup to a letter drive including a FLASH memory or a CD-RW formatted as a drive.
  • Make sure that your storage medium medium has space available. you may not get a warning that it is full.
  • You cannot backup directly onto a CD-R. To use a CD-R you need to backup to the c: drive and then write the zip onto the CD-R using your CD-writer software.
  • Whatever backup method you use make backups frequently. Always keep a backup off-site.
  • To reduce the size of the backup file, you can do a clean-up periodically from the Backup Form.
  • Always do a backup before installing an update.
  • Check that you are making real backups.
  • If you do not understand these issues, you will need to seek professional IT support.

    If you have any ideas for, problems or frustrations with, or need training with the advanced features of the Program please contact support@theramanager.comor call 908-273-9410. Earlier newsletters are on the website for reference.
    If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the Trial that will include all these new features, or call 800-913-4294, if your original trial has expired. Our customers continue to convert from many other programs and we can make the switch easy for you with an import of your existing patient data.