What’s New September 2005

  • Please forward this newsletter by email or paper to everyone in your office, and to your colleagues outside the office.
  • There are many small changes this month to accommodate individual preferences.
  • For several reasons since last month, we have changed our recommended credit card merchant service. We have also made the signup and setup process very quick and easy. As part of the setup we will provide you with a free mini swipe USB card reader integrated into TheraManager for pay-at-the-time payments.
  • Thanks again for your continuing referrals to your colleagues and your great testimonials.

    CreditCard Billing
  • Our recommended merchant service is Century Bankcard Services, which has a low $5 monthly fee.
  • There is, of course, a small cost associated with accepting credit cards, but the advantages are considerable:
    • Speedy deposits to your account, elimination of delinquent accounts
    • Enhancing your business image
    • Meeting your patients’ expectations
    • Seamless integration into TheraManager
    • Use of a secure Internet connection rather than tying up an expensive phone line.
  • For details about the modest charges associated with taking credit cards, and the very simple sign up and setup procedure, please request the information sheet from customerservice@theramanager.com.
  • As mentioned above the setup will include a free mini swipe USB card reader.

  • An option to turn off Fast Booking has been added. Use the Disable Fast Booking menu item on the popup menu. The state of this will be remembered as a user preference.
  • The Wait List can now be filtered by provider, ie if a patient expresses a preference or needs a certain treatment, this can be indicated at the time the patient is added to the Wait List and the list viewed by the provider selected in the Provider Titlebox.
  • The no-clash feature when booking appointments can now be turned off at Tools | User Settings ie a clinician can be booked to see 2 patients at the same time, but presumably occupying different rooms, so the View by Room and All is the appropriate view to use. The red clash will still show until something else is clicked.

  • When posting a patient’s first appointment, a reminder dialog now appears if you have not selected a billing option.
  • You now have the option to charge something other than the allowed amount even if you are in network. This is remembered for subsequent postings. Use the checkbox beside the Allowed Label.
  • A related “Forgive Copay” option simply does not charge the patient the copayment.

    Accountsand Batch Printing
  • We have added an option on the popup menu that allows balances at the Accounts | Patients Bills to be designated as in collection. Bills will not be printed for these accounts at Batch Printing, although reprints can still be done.
  • We have added the ability to multi-select and reprint individual bills, HCFAs or SoSs within a batch, which is useful if the printer fails part way through a large printing.

  • The methodology for partial payments has been changed internally and now accepts positive and negative increments to an existing insurance payment. Change the status to a 3, 5 or 7 corresponding to the changed reimbursement.

  • The View | Contacts was added last month, but we overlooked the fact that personal contacts were stored by user and contact lists disappeared for some users. This was quickly remedied and an update posted the same day the problem was discovered.

  • There was a problem when multi-selecting and printing notes written by different providers. This has been fixed.
  • A few users have seen a fixed note that appends itself to every note when that is printed. This is caused by the fact that at one time the first note could be entered without clicking the New Button. This was corrected a long time ago, but if you have a residual parasitic note, please contact us and we will remove it.

  • There is now an option for all clinicians in an office to work with one set of meds, instead of having their individual lists, when the Share Checkbox is checked.

  • The Expenses Screen was reconfigured last month so that all providers and the corporate entities could keep track of their expenses, after which some records ceased to be visible. The fix was posted the same day the problem was discovered.

    If you have any ideas for, problems or frustrations with, or need training with the advanced features of the Program please contact support@theramanager.comor call 908-273-9410. Earlier newsletters are on the website for reference.
    If you have never downloaded TheraManager, go to our website and download the Trial that will include all these new features, or call 800-913-4294, if your original trial has expired. Our customers continue to convert from many other programs and we can make the switch easy for you with an import of your existing patient data.