Theramanager Testmonials

TheraManager accurately, and intuitively, helps me manage every aspect of medical records, scheduling, billing and prescription generation with efficiency and clarity. The program is designed to allow users to individualize screens as needed. It allows me to wirelessly print to different printers (i.e. one for documents/bills, one dedicated to prescription writing), while holding the laptop on my lap, letting me face patients and stay engaged while preparing documents for the session. I can easily cut and paste e-mails into the progress notes (i.e. collateral reports from teachers sent via e-mail). I can easily append scanned or e-mailed documents to the patient\'s chart. Backup is done with two mouse-clicks, helping to safeguard the entire bulk of my medical practice on an external drive in about 20 seconds. Tech support staff is fast to respond; support is done via telephone (with staff simultaneously linking to my computer screen to see exactly what I see.

I can't find any complaints to mention.

This is a great program. I couldn't run my practice effectively without it. By increasing my administrative efficiency, the program increases the amount of time I can spend caring for patients. The program allows me to run my busy psychopharmacology practice without hiring any support staff. It has been remarkably cost-effective to purchase and maintain the software.

Bruce Friedman M.D.Montclair, NJ

We are a small non-for profit organization on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. When we implemented EMR we had 4 clinics, with about 15 clinicians spread in 100 mile area. All of us could access TheraManger from home or remote clinic sites. This really helped our billing person and certainly our collection. Within a year of implementation we doubled our collectibles with the electronic billing system, improved our documentation, ( billing person would not bill without a note in the client's record). Certainly improved our compliance with medical record, more legible records and supervisors could monitor quality of documentation. TheraManger improved communcation between the team members, case managers and psychiatrist. . Wonderful support team of TheraManger in helping us the process of rolling EMR throughout the agency. We keep all oru records of Out Patient Mental Health Center, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service, Therapeutic group home and Therapsutic foster home in TheraManager.

I really can't think of any negatives! Our organization and clinicians were apprehensive at first. CEO and I were concerned about rolling out the program. At first, like most things there were staff members who missed paper records. Now looking back, no one can imagine the old days of paper records!! I needed much more than 1000 characters to write the Pros, but this review only allows 1000 characters.

We highly recommend TheraManager. It has been wonderful for our organization where our clinics and group homes are scattered over 150 miles. Our clinicians, case workers and psychiatrists appreciate real time information about clients. This is a great product. I do work at a local hospital where there are other products but TheraManager is second to none!! The TheraManager Support team is wonderful and they are always happy to solve problems. We love TheraManager, and no one at Maple Shade can imagine the days before TheraManager! We wonder some times, how did we ever manage before the days of TheraManager.

Sushma JaniMD, Associate Medical Director, Maple Shade Youth & Family Services, Mardela Springs, MD

Buying TheraManager has been one of the best decisions we made when we opened our practice. From scheduling clients, to electronic billing, to keeping track of payroll, it does everything we need, and has not missed a beat as we have grown from 2 providers to 12 providers with 2 locations. I used demos of several software packages from other companies before buying and TheraManager was easily the best. A myriad of available reports let me track collections and stay on top of billing and productivity, as well as analyze where we need to improve. I do not think there is anything it cannot do.

Scheduling is a breeze and posting and billing are all integrated into easy steps. Billing takes me literally less than a minute, and electronic remittance advice capability makes posting payments just as easy. The support staff are great, and can easily take over your computer remotely to fix any issues. You cannot go wrong. We have very few denied claims because of this software.

Ted Ossege , LCSW, LISW-S, ACSW-S, Viewpoint Psychological Services, Fort Thomas, KY

TheraManager is a very comprehensive system. We have 40 staff and almost 100 patients that are scheduled on a weekly basis. Our staff sees multiple patients on the same day and there is a crossover between staff and patients. We had to have modifications made to meet the needs of the organization. The administrative and support staff did a marvelous job designing and implementing the needed changes. As we used the system we identified additional changes which would create increased efficiencies and TheraManager was extremely responsive to making the changes. Modifications are done in a short time frame, overnight when necessary. TheraManager was easily customized to our specialty of outpatient and residential Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation. The EMR is formidable and very customizable with the many forms and templates that I have designed for our staff, and which save them enormous amounts of their time, and ensure uniformity in the organization.

I can't really think of any. We have requested a lot of new features that TheraManager has added to the program.that sometimes have unexpected bugs but TheraManager is quick to resolve these, usually overnight.

We spent 4 years looking for a program like TheraManager that would do everything we need, which it does beautifully, so I would recommend any organization to use TheraManager as a comprehensive software.

Lyn PeytonMA, Associate Director, Ann Arbor Rehabilitation Centers, Ann Arbor, MI

TheraManager is an excellent program with excellent customer support. Knowledgeable, intelligent staff help to guide users in seamless management of the software. I previously used a well known practice management application that had poor customer support, and long wait times. Their electronic claims filing service was highly problematic for our practice.

There are no negative aspects to this program.

I would highly recommend this software to other clinical sites

Sheri Katz,Ph.D., Clinical Director Learning Solutions for Learning Success, Northampton, MA

Ask me anything about our practice and I can get the answer with the reporting capabilites of this program. The accounting is clean, patient balances are correct, insurance billing integrity is enhanced. The authorization module is powerful. Payment entry is fast and simple and ERA is faster. Front desk check in and scheduling is efficient. HelpNotes allow me to train myself and employees by simply printing instructions; and Support is excellent. I can choose my own clearinghouse or send claims directly to the insurance company. I like that control. I think I have a very powerful program for a reasonable price. I used to have a rinky-dink program for an exorbitant price.

Best program we have used. Hopefully, third and last.

Nina BrazielOffice Manager Cumberland Psychiatric Group Roswell, GA