Technology for Speed, Reliabilty and Security

For over a decade, TheraManager has been providing innovative software solutions for healthcare professionals nationwide. Our ONC-ATCB Certified software provides an all-in-one total solution using a single database. TheraManager cutting edge technology can be accessed from anywhere and it can be hosted on the "cloud" or in your environment of choice. TheraManager will allow you to effectively manage your administrative tasks, improve your bottom line by using our superior billing engine, and enable your clinical staff to consistently streamline their clinical workflow and documentation. Our solutions are affordable, scalable, reliable and customizable for any practice size and specialty.

  • The Contemporary Look and Operation of TheraManager gives the program a consistent format and set of controls, which make it much easier to learn, perform operations and review records etc. than some other softwares.
  • TheraManager runs robustly under all versions of Windows including Windows running on a MAC using BOOTCAMP, VM Fusion or Parallels.
  • TheraManager uses SQL throughout to ensure fast loading of Records even for large Databases.
  • The database is completely encrypted for security and requires individual user passwords for HIPAA conformance.
  • All transmissions from the database are encrypted for security.
  • The Multi-user Server Database Engine works with peer-to-peer or server based local-area-network.
  • It works over the internet for multi-locational and remote use.
  • The database has essentially unlimited capacity and is maintenance free.
  • The multi-user Server Database Engine uses Transaction Processing to avoid database errors when a transaction is interrupted eg. by a power loss.